5 Signs You Should Use an AI Content Generator

Artificial Intelligence may feel like a buzzword, but more companies are incorporating the concept into their tech every day. Using AI to help write marketing content for your business can help overcome some of the biggest hurdles both young and growing companies face. Here are some reasons why using an AI content generator may help bring your marketing strategy to a whole new level.

What Is an AI Content Generator?

Computers are good at analyzing data and making calculations using vast amounts of information. An AI used for content generation does the research, writing, and analysis of marketing materials all without human intervention. Using natural language processing, these programs can aggregate data to create a piece of content based on particular parameters while sounding and feeling like material produced by a human writer.

This doesn’t mean that human intervention isn’t necessary. AI still has difficulty making abstract connections and free-flowing subtleties of the written word. Even so, using these programs takes care of many menial and repetitive tasks that take up a marketing team’s valuable time and energy. Having an AI generate your content may solve many problems that businesses face.

Considering AI-Driven Content

While it may seem strange to turn your marketing content over to a computer, there are quite a few situations where AI can ease your company’s burdens. You may want to consider an AI content generator if your business has trouble with any of the following:

1. Small Marketing Teams

Some businesses just don’t have the time to devote valuable bodies to writing every form of content. An employee may excel at a particular type of marketing, such as e-mail or product descriptions, but write lackluster articles and blog posts that fail to draw internet attention. Sometimes the marketing team is so busy there’s just not enough time to create content for all of their current projects.

AI writing can come to the rescue by filling in the gaps that the marketing department may be missing. Content generators can handle many repetitive tasks including creating blog title ideas for inspiration to crafting long-form articles that are engaging and informative. You’ll still want to have a human eye make sure the content reads well, but much of the heavy lifting can be taken off of a smaller marketing team’s shoulders.

2. Unfamiliar with SEO

Not everyone can take the time to learn the ins and outs of the Google search algorithm. Many people look at SEO as some kind of game played with search engines, and the winners are the ones who can trick the system into posting their pages first. In truth, Google believes the quality of content is more than the sum of its parts. AI content generators can create a basic framework to help your writers create better content that will work with the algorithm instead of against it.

3. The Human Problem

People make mistakes. While spelling and grammar checkers are effective tools for picking up on those common issues, no one can create error-free content all of the time. Writers might lack access to the correct data or may not have the time to do proper research. Using AI to analyze the data does a lot of the preliminary article groundwork, giving writers the tools they need to create engaging, well research articles and blog posts.

4. Unintended Plagiarism

Another very human issue is plagiarism. Stealing someone else’s work, or even your own can leave your business in a bad spot when original content owners come calling. These kinds of mistakes are not always purposeful as some writers become accustomed to creating the same style of work over and over again. Having an AI check their work can help craft those pieces into a particular writing style that avoids plagiarism altogether.

5. Budget Concerns

No company wants to waste money by dumping it into marketing instead of other areas that require growth. While a good marketing strategy is valuable, some companies just don’t have the capital to spend on researchers, writers, and SEO experts. Outsourcing is a costly option as well, so finding a way to cut costs through in-house changes will always help the bottom line.

Using an AI content generator, businesses can automate much of the content writing process. Instead of hiring a team of researchers, the AI software suite can analyze data, identify important keywords, and can even create fully-formed content ready for publishing. This allows you to spend your budget in other ways to help your business grow without sacrificing your internet presence and increase the marketing team’s efficiency.

The AI Advantage

AI isn’t smart enough to understand the subtleties of language, though computers are getting closer all of the time. Having an AI content generator to support your employees will help them write clearer and more effective content in a fraction of the time. If you feel like your marketing department needs a leg up on the competition, turning to AI software may be just what your business needs to get noticed.