5 simple ways to win at Blackjack

Blackjack has been doing the rounds since it was first created in France, in the early 1700’s, but, still to this day, it is one of the world’s most popular – and famous – casino games. Blackjack has fairly simplistic rules, however as a novice, you might find yourself losing hands regularly due to hitting when you don’t need to, or standing when you should hit. But, not to worry, as there are actually several things you can do to increase your chances of winning, and take your bankroll up a notch. 

Believe it or not, Blackjack isn’t always about getting to 21 – or as close to as possible! Read on for simple tips on how to win hands more often when playing Blackjack online at Paddy Casino!

1. Always split a pair Aces and eights 

If you are dealt a pair of eights or Aces, always split your hand – no matter what the dealers up card is. It can be tempting to stand on a pair of eights (Hard 16) if the dealer boasts a 9, 10 (or face card of same value) or Ace, as you are the underdog. However, you actually give yourself a better chance of winning by splitting the eights, than you do by standing on hard 16. Meanwhile, you should always split Aces, as you’re always going to get two better hands than sticking or hitting the two Aces. 

2. Never split a pair of 10s or fives

Following on from the first tip, there are also hands you should never split, and those are; a pair of 10s and a set of fives. The reasoning behind this is pretty straightforward – you’re much more likely to win a hand by hitting on a pair of fives (hard 10) than you are splitting them, as if you do the latter, the chances are, you’re going to have to hit again! Understandably, splitting a pair of 10s is very tempting, and, to be honest, mostly it will result in two winning hands. However, you’re far more likely to win the hand by just sticking with your 20. So, don’t get greedy! 

3. Try to find a table where the dealer must stand on Soft 17

Tables where the dealer must stand on Soft 17 – ace-six, for example – will play massively in your favour, and, therefore, you should always try to find a table with this rule. When the dealer must stand on Soft 17, it narrows the house edge, and as a result, gives you a better chance of winning. 

4. Try to find a table that offers doubling down on all hands

Similarly to tip two, ‘double down’ is another rule that plays into your hands and narrows the house edge. Games which allow you to double down are common and should be fairly simple to come across. Playing this rule correctly will help you enhance your bankroll. For example, if you have a hand of 10 and the dealers up card is nine or lower, you should always double down as you are the massive favourite to win the hand – and there’s nothing better than doubling your money, right? 

5. Always stand if the dealer’s up card is lower than six

If the dealer’s up card is lower than six, standing tends to the best strategy – even if the odds are massively in your favour. For example, if your hand is queen-two, the chances of you hitting and busting are just 30% – meaning it’s very likely you’re going to improve your hand. However, the dealer is going to have to hit at least twice, so always stand and let them play. 

So, there you have it folks, we hope these five simple tips bring you more success the next time you try your luck at a Blackjack table!