5 small lifestyle changes to help save costs


2020 is a year that’s going to be remembered for many things, few of them positive. What it will also perhaps be remembered as, however, is as a year of change. More of us than ever before used the lockdown period to look inwards and realise there were things we could be doing to make our lives not only healthier and more practical, but more affordable too.

But what small lifestyle changes have people in the UK been making these last few months to help lighten their wallets and save for a big blowout holiday in 2021?

Growing your own fruit and veg

Allotments have been around in the UK for over a hundred years but have always been seen as the hobby of elderly people and ‘mums’. Growing your own fruit and veg in an allotment could save you hundreds of pounds a year though, as long as you invest in a decent plot of land with a premier polytunnel and the right tools.

Throwing away the gym card

Going to the gym might be one of the things many of us have missed but with the widespread gym closures, many of us have rediscovered our love affair with simply going on a run in the great outdoors. Not only is exercising outdoors cheaper (in fact, it’s free) but the fresh air can be invigorating and you’re far less likely to come into close contact with somebody than at a sweaty gym.

Eating out less

While the ‘eat out to help out’ scheme might well have tempted some of us back out into the nation’s restaurants and some of us have been indulging in a few too many takeaways of late, generally speaking, the lockdown has made UK citizens realise the cost-savings power of eating in. By eating at home, you’re also more directly in control of what you’re putting into your body, which is always a good thing.

Tracking your bills

With more free time on our hands, lots of us have decided to take more direct control of our finances in the last few months. When you’re busy with work and social commitments it can be easy to let the bills slide and lose track of what we’re spending and where we’re spending it. However, if you’ve learnt how to be more savvy with your expenditures and bill tracking during lockdown, you’ll hopefully remain more vigilant now that the world’s starting to return to normal.

Changing your vehicle

Finally, one thing most of us haven’t missed is the commute to and from work and how much it’s saved us in time and bills. This realisation might have inspired you to invest in a more efficient vehicle. With hybrid and fully electric cars more affordable now than ever before and many government grants available to help incentivise electric adoption, there’s never been a better time.

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