5 Things to budget for when planning a wedding


Planning your wedding can be tedious, but if you do it as early as possible and come up with an organized plan, it can also be a breeze. Before you start thinking of the theme for your wedding or start writing down your guest list, the most important thing to do is determine your budget. Here are five things that you should budget for when you are planning a wedding. Also, you can contact Infinity Transportation if you need a trusted company providing the best charter bus transportation services for your special events. 

1. The venue and catering

the bulk of the budget will go to the place and more importantly, the food that you will serve to your guests. It’s important that you determine your budget for food before you think of the number of guests, as the cost per head can be very expensive depending on where you are having your wedding.  You can make it very elegant by choosing a sit-down dinner at a posh hotel, or it can be as simple as a backyard wedding, with your own family pitching in to cook the meals that will be served. From the venue to the food, to the flowers, top catering companies in Toronto planners can help manage every detail of your special day.  You can also look for a great banquet hall as well!

2. The photo and video

At the end of the day, you don’t just want to rely on your memories in order to remember one of the most special days in your life as a couple. Make sure to hire a competent person who will be able to document this momentous day. Do your research as even under wedding photography, there are many types of specialty. Find someone that not only fits your budget but someone you can be comfortable with too. 

3. The wedding attire

Of course, you want to make sure that you and your spouse would look the best on your wedding day. There are some who spend thousands of dollars on their wedding dresses. When selecting your own, make sure to do this as early as possible, especially if you are looking to buy from a designer brand. It can take months to manufacture the attire, and you will still need to fit for any adjustments that have to be made.

4. The entertainment

While there is nothing wrong with just creating a playlist of your favorite songs and playing it using your iPod, there’s also something to be said about live entertainment. You have so many choices, from a three-piece orchestra, a jazz band or even a DJ. It can depend on what theme you decide on your wedding. If you hire a wedding planner, you can ask them for suggestions on who you can get as entertainment for your wedding. Some venues also have a list of musicians so make sure to ask them too.  Pre-wedding entertainment can also have a little fun like barenights.com.au.

5. The transportation

If you want to be able to not just arrive in style but also have some fun time with your entourage, you can rent a party bus that will take you to the venue. Party bus rentals do not need to be expensive, you just need to do your research so that you can compare which companies offer the best value for your money.


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