5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Local Dry Cleaner


The fabrics in your clothes are intricate, and cleaning them without the proper knowledge or hiring a non-professional to clean them for you can be disastrous. Also, with each load of laundry taking hours, it is advisable to streamline the process by outsourcing a professional dry cleaner to do the work for you.  They specialize in tasks like removing coffee and tea stains.

Dry cleaning your fabrics will save you time and keep your clothes in top condition. When shopping for a dry cleaner, you do not want to choose blindly, as this will compromise your delicate home furnishings and valuable garments.

Here are five things to consider when choosing a local dry cleaner.

Check For Eco-Friendly Services

There are different dry cleaning methods, all of which use different solvents and detergents. One of the common cleaning agents is Perchloroethylene, famous for its non-flammability and ability to clean oil-based stains. However, it can cause your fabrics to fade over time. Researchers also address concerns over the eco-friendliness of this agent, including risks of liver and kidney diseases, cancer, and reproductive disorders.

Therefore, before signing up to dry cleaners near me, check if they use eco-friendly and nontoxic agents and whether their cleaning equipment is safe. Some of the eco-friendly services to consider include:

  • Liquid carbon dioxide cleaning
  • Wet cleaning
  • Green earth cleaning
  • Hydrocarbon cleaning

Consider Delivery Services

Most dry cleaners offer pickup and delivery services, enabling you to spend time on other things. You should also check if the dry cleaners near me have a pick-up and drop-off schedule. Some providers run routes twice a week, and if you need flexibility, consider an on-demand delivery service.

Laundry Service Pricing

Generally, dry cleaners price their services by weight based on laundry variations. Therefore, check the pricing in your dry cleaners near me for the packages. Some dry cleaners will offer additional services like washing and folding at a premium cost. Check if you can double up your needs in one place to get value for your money.

Consider The Dry Cleaners Near Me Specializations

While there are many dry cleaners out there, not all of them have the experience and knowledge for all fabrics hence the need for a background check. The last thing you want is inexperienced personnel handling your gown. A provider that advertises their specialization, for instance, in leather care or wedding gown restorations, indicates that they can handle your special requirements.

Detergents And Special Needs

You spend up to 8 hours inhaling what your beddings and comforters have been cleaned with, hence the need to ensure the use of safe chemicals. You can review your dry cleaners near me for the detergents they use on their websites or contact them for your special needs. These services may attract an extra cost that you should consider.

Settle For A Dry Cleaners Service That Checks Most Of Your Boxes

Taking your fabrics to the dry cleaner is an efficient way to manage dirty laundry and maintain them in good condition over time. For the best experience from your local dry cleaner, do a background check through your friends and website search on the above factors.

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