5 Things You Need To Know About CBD Treats For Dogs

The cannabis world has become pretty closely connected to the world of animals. It’s no wonder, given how our pets are reacting to Cannabidiol. A lot of people have recognized the benefits that come with this compound, which is why manufacturers have started creating all kinds of Cannabidiol products for animals.

Those include, among other things, CBD treats for dogs. As you can see at https://pethempcompany.com/products/cbd-dog-treats-stress-anxiety-relief, those treats can help ease your doggie’s anxiety as well as reduce all kinds of other symptoms, with pain at the top of the list. In case you haven’t heard about this product before, you probably have a lot of questions on your mind.

It’s only natural that we start questioning the products that are made for our pets before we actually decide to administer them. You would be pretty irresponsible if you simply decided to feed your dog the first thing you come across, without knowing its effects on the animal’s health. The mere fact that you’re here and reading this shows that you’re not an irresponsible owner and that you care for the well-being of your canine.

Since you’re so curious about CBD treats, I thought I’d let you in on some information about it. There are a lot of things that you need to know about this product and below you’ll find some of those things. So, make sure to read on in order to understand the whole idea behind CBD treats and figure out for yourself whether you should give those to your dog or not.

There’s No Risk Of Intoxication

The first thing that crosses everyone’s mind when cannabis and animals are mentioned in the same sentence is the idea that those animals can get high, or stoned, or whatever you’d like to call it. There is no such risk when it comes to CBD treats, simply because Cannabidiol is not a psychoactive compound. It has no toxic effects on the brain of your pet.

Your confusion might stem from the fact that Cannabidiol is derived from cannabis, but the truth is that cannabis contains over a hundred of different compounds and only one of those is psychoactive. That one is known as THC and I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about it. Cannabidiol, on the other hand, has no such properties and if you learn more about it, you’ll understand that it is actually completely different form THC.

Safety Is Not An Issue

Even though the above fact might have put your mind at ease, you’re bound to still wonder if there are any other side effects that you can expect from a product like this. Fortunately for you, you’re not the first person who was concerned about the safety of CBD treats. The fact that you’re not the first person means that this question has already been raised, inspected and answered.

Here’s what’s been found. For starters, there’s no risk of overdosing your animal with this product. The worst thing that can happen if you end up giving it too much is for the animal to get a bit dizzy or start vomiting until the effects have worn off. Now, of course, you don’t want to let that happen either, which is why you should always stick to the recommended dosages of CBD treats.

Healthy Dogs Can Benefit From It

There’s a common misconception that Cannabidiol should only be given to animals that are suffering from certain illnesses or disorders, such as anxiety, arthritis, epilepsy and similar. That couldn’t be further from the truth. While it’s definitely correct that CBD plays an important part in treating these illnesses and disorders, it doesn’t automatically mean that healthy dogs cannot benefit from it.

Quite on the contrary, healthy dogs can get a lot of positive effects from this product. Cannabidiol can significantly boost their energy levels, increase their appetite and enhance their general health. It’s a supplement in the first place and then a treatment drug in the second place. Don’t deprive your dog of all the benefits just because you weren’t committed enough to checking the facts.  Also consider options like dog treats for sensitive stomachs as well.

It’s Great For All Kinds Of Pains

There are a lot of pieces of information circling around the World Wide Web in support of the fact that Cannabidiol can treat arthritic pain. That is not a lie by all means, but it’s just a fraction of what this product can actually do. If you want to help a dog suffering from arthritis, you should definitely use CBD treats to alleviate their pain, but the truth is that you can use it for any other type of pain as well.

I suppose you already know that arthritic pain is not the only pain that your canine can feel. Gastro-intestinal issues come at the second place, but that’s still not the full list. In any case, no matter the ache that your pup might be having, you can use CBD treats to alleviate it. This product is not made specifically for arthritis. It’s made for all kinds of pain.

There’s Evidence That It Can Help In Cancer Treatment

One of the major breakthroughs in this industry is certainly connected to the fact that Cannabidiol has shown to be helpful in cancer treatment. Now, you need to understand that there’s a difference between “curing” and “treating”. In other words, CBD treats are not the cure for cancer, but they can be of huge help in the process of fighting against this disease.