5 Tips To Preparing for a Move

1.Start packing early

When you are preparing for a move, you will need to move with a lot of your belongings, and packing all of them can be quite a time consuming and exhausting. You should, therefore, start packing early enough so that you can avoid the last minute rush which may result in a lot of forgotten belongings as well as bring up anxiety and stress. A tip is to start packing the non-essentials around the house, like clothes you do not wear all the time, curtains, books and decorations. This includes putting Christmas decorations that most likely won’t be used before you move into things like ornament containers to keep them safe. When these are packed, this will make packing the rest of the items easier.

2.Sell or donate extra items

Planning a move is a hectic process and it costs a lot of money. It is therefore prudent to move with a few items as possible; only essentials. Any unwanted furniture, clothes and household items can be sold online or in a yard sale. The money collected from these sales can be used for the move expenses thus softening the blow on your bank account balance. If, however, you are feeling charitable instead, you can drop off the excess items at a donation drop off or a charitable organization for later distribution. Thus you will lessen your overall load when moving to help you save some money.

3.Find a reputable moving company

When you have set aside the date when you are moving, you need to make arrangements such that the move can be successful. Hire a reputable and safe moving company like Fox Relocations, which will guarantee safe delivery of all your items in good time and at affordable costs.  You should also plan your move on a day that is less busy, on a weekday in the middle of the month because it is less busy then, and you can save a little bit more money. If you need a small team, you may opt for a man and van instead of a removal firm. To find a licensed and reliable Man with Van in London and anywhere else in the UK, check out WhatManandVan. 

4.Make necessary repairs

Before you make a move, you need to leave your current home in a good as new condition. Make any repairs necessary, replace broken windows and locks and add a new coat of paint to the house. This will give the house an appeal and it will increase the listing when you want to sell it. If the house was a rental, you need to leave the house in the condition it was in when you first moved in which will allow you to receive your security deposit in full.

5.Use a real estate agent

Before making the move and you want to sell your house, consider hiring a real estate agent to make the work easier for you. A real estate agent will be able to talk to numerous clients in a day compared to doing it individually which would have consumed a lot of your time. The finding of numerous clients will also help you receive several offers which you can choose from depending on your preference.  A real estate agent will also help you save on the time of finding clients, time which can help you make further preparations for your move.