5 Tips to Promoting Yourself as a New Musician


As a new musician, it might be difficult to attract the attention of music-lovers all over the world from the word go. You have to build yourself up and construct your own brand so that you stand out among the sea of musicians who are trying to build their careers. But even though custom music creation services like Songly exist, it can still seem hard to get your name out there.

With the advent of the Internet, you have endless options when it comes to promoting your music. You could even get your music on Spotify to get heard.

The Top 5 Tips to Help You Get Started

If you want to be successful in the creative world of music, you must be open to trying out new things and experimenting with different strategies. These tips will surely help you in going forward.

1. Embrace the art of gigging:

Do not restrict your talent just to the online sphere. Delivering live performances is a must if you want to make a lasting impact on your fans. Personal interactions can make or break you in this industry.

Live shows are a great way to earn some extra cash while doing something you love. Moreover, the marketing opportunities are priceless. You can book gigs at cafes, restaurants, bars or event halls in order to promote a new album or even just a song.

2. Collaborate with the right people:

Collaborating is one of the best ways to increase your fanbase. It is a sign of goodwill with your fellow musicians while simultaneously being a great networking opportunity. You will be able to present your music to a completely new group of people. All you have to do is find a musician from your genre of music and then ask him or her for a collaboration. When online, you can promote each other in order to drive traffic both ways.

If you get the opportunity to collaborate with a musician of a higher stature, embrace it because that will give you immense exposure.

3. Use your website to its full potential:

If you have a professional website, do not leave it static. You need to keep updating the website so that fans can find something interesting whenever they visit. You can use it to promote your events and your albums as well.

As a beginner, the most important thing to do is expose the audience to your music. You can release covers and new songs in the form of videos and upload them to your website. Link your YouTube or SoundCloud link so that people get an idea of what your musical identity is all about.

4. Make the best of social media:

Social media is the ultimate gateway for promoting your music. Be it Facebook, Instagram or Twitter; you can use social media platforms to converse with your fans and develop a closer connection to them. Your promotion should not be direct. Keep it subtle and conversational.

5. Do not ditch your email list:

Your email list is valuable because it tells you which of your fans want to hear from you further. Include links in all your emails so that users are driven to your website and social media.

Who knows, you might become the next big thing!


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