5 tips to simplify your camping preparations


“Whatever form it takes, camping is earthy, soul-enriching and character building, and there can be few such satisfying moments as having your tent pitched and the smoke rising from your campfire as the golden sun sets on the horizon”, says Pippa Middleton, a well-known socialite, author and columnist who seems to love camping like anyone who loves nature can do. Camping can be both adventurous and relaxing. The carefree spirit that once governed us slowly begins to erode as we grow older. An endless stream of emails, offices, looming to-dos, workload makes our lives nothing but rules and a pinball. So, pitching up in the middle of nowhere provides a sense of well-being that seeps into our being. We are encouraged to camp out in such a way that our ties with the wilderness is consolidated. You can visit outdoorfunmag.com for exclusive camping tips and outdoor gear reviews.

Camping essential: What to pack?

Camping no doubt is a fun activity, but to make sure that it turns out to be a thrill rather than dismay, you need to make sure that you have prepared yourself completely. Make a list of essential supplies and collect them timely to prevent any last time hustle. From campsite gear and cookware to clothing and toiletries, check off the items on this packing list and you’ll be plenty prepared to hit the great outdoors.

Pick the right gear

A sufficient amount of gears and accessories are required for perfect camping which includes things for cooking, shelter, finding the routes etc. The first thing you need to worry about is shelter to stay in wild locations like mountains. A good sleep requires a comfortable sleeping pad too. Add it to the list.

Research the site before you go

Selection of place is an important task as you need to pack accordingly. Be sure that the place is permitted for camping. Also, select a place near to your home and consider the weather conditions. Do not pick a low ground surrounded by hills in a rainy season.

Eating and drinking essential

Chances are that you’ll have to prepare your meals. A portable kitchen may require items such as cookware, utensils, a camping stove, some pre-packaged snacks and easy-to-cook food items. Work out what ingredients you need and only take the food required for your meals. Nothing is worst to become sick at a campsite so be careful that your food is healthy.

Health essentials

Health is wealth is a well-known proverb, and camping won’t be fun when health is not ready to let you enjoy freely. Do not forget to use soap, hand wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, organic bamboo toilet paper and keep dirty clothes separately. Clean as best as you can. Carry a first aid kit as any member can get injured or may get cold or headache while camping.

“Nature calms the nervous system. We use up excess adrenaline when we’re active and it promotes mindfulness,” says Chloe. “If we’re able to tune into the sights and sounds of nature, it brings us into the present and away from anxieties about the future.” Nevertheless, our tightly choreographed lives need freedom in form of camping. Before things get complicated, to jump back into carefree childhood, camping is the best way out.




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