5 Top Tips for Planning an Amazing Indoor Theme Park Party


Has your child been asking to have an indoor theme park party for their birthday?

If you’re worried that this might be too much for you to handle, don’t be. Just read on and you’ll discover how easy and exciting it is to plan a birthday bash that will let you, your kid, and all your guests have a blast.

A Hub for Fun

An indoor theme park can be the perfect venue for your child’s next birthday party. Having everything you need from virtual gaming experiences to chill zones, this indoor entertainment center is the place to be for families and friends.

Technology has done so much for the modern world. With the latest inventions such as virtual reality (VR) games, both kids and kids-at-heart can be transported to different worlds. Whether it’s battling spooky ghosts or participating in high-tech racing competitions, virtual reality has opened up doors to a dynamic universe.

Aside from these technological wonders, there are also plenty of opportunities for imagination and interaction. Aside from pretend play and VR gaming, there are groovy arcade games that transport you back in time. You can relive the memories of countless hours battling it with the pinball machine or trying to top your scores in well-loved games such as Asteroids, Galaga, Pac-Man, or Space Invaders.

An indoor theme park is one such venue that is ideal for a kid’s birthday party. Aside from its air-conditioned comforts, it also offers an amazing assortment of activities and facilities for all ages. If hero zones and adventure areas are too much for some, then there’s still space for a bit of karaoke singing, a hangout zone for chilling, or eateries for dining.

Here are some of the top tips that will help you in putting together a totally cool birthday party:

1. Plan it together

When planning the special shindig, you have to remember to involve your kid. Aside from deciding on the venue, you should also ask your child about things such as whom to invite, what food and drinks they prefer, or even what they want to wear. Your youngster and their friends may want to wear costumes while battling it out in hero zones, or a more fashion-conscious teen may want to have a specific look.

The birthday celebrant need not be heavily involved in the intricacies of planning, but at least ask for specific preferences. This will make the child feel more involved and have a certain degree of ownership for the event. It might even encourage and develop organization skills as well as provide you both quality time to bond. It would also be a great chance for other family members to chip in ideas.

Make a checklist of all the things to do and indicate who is responsible for each one. You can delegate accordingly, especially among other adults who are capable of accomplishing more complicated tasks. Schedule a regular update meeting to see how everything is progressing and to check if there are issues that need to be attended to.

2. Secure your suppliers

Since you have already decided that you want the birthday party to be held in an indoor theme park, you need to book the space right away. Some indoor parks have an appointed area where you can hold parties. This comes in a package where decorations, food and beverages, e-invitations, chiller rentals and a party host are included. After all the games and attractions in the park, it would be best if there’s a party hub where all your guests can rest and, more importantly, celebrate your child’s birthday together.

While the venue can be booked online, it is still ideal to talk with the venue’s coordinator and see if there are personalization options or packages that might interest you. You may also want to conduct a site visit to see if there are space considerations that you need to be aware of. This would be the best time to ask about additional décor, food restrictions, or bringing in other forms of entertainment like magicians, caricaturists or balloon-making artists.

You might also need to talk to other service providers like costume makers, face painters, hair and makeup artists, entertainers, photographers, or audio-visual suppliers.

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