5 Unbeatable Advantages of Current Account Online

When it comes to managing money, many people run into numerous complications. Unfortunately, not everyone is savvy with their spending, nor does everyone have a flare for mathematics and spreadsheets. It’s understandable – after all, we’re all bad at something! Surely there’s another way of more conveniently keeping tabs on your money?

Well, your prayers have been answered with the online current account. But how’s this possible?

Well, here’re the 5 unbeatable advantages of signing up to an online current account!

5 Unbeatable Advantages of Current Account Online

One Place

It’s not uncommon for one person to have numerous bank accounts. Suddenly, your money is being drip-fed to numerous sources, and your resources are spread far too thin. You have a plethora of credit and debit cards at your disposal, and eventually, the business of keeping an eye on your finances becomes too noisy.

Well, the current account helps here. Your wages, benefits or pension can all be sourced directly into that one account, which means you only have one place to check up on your money queries. You can sometimes even get free text alert too, should anything require your urgent attention. It simplifies and streamlines the whole thing, meaning you can spare yourself a headache or two in the future.

Paying Bills on Time

If you’re bad with money, then sometimes bills and debts go unpaid. This is a bad habit you need to quickly eradicate, and online current accounts can help you bite that bullet. When you feed your income through to the account, those behind it set some money aside for your bills on your behalf; leaving the rest for you to spend! In the end, this could be the perfect strategy to help you kick some cripplingly bad behaviours.

Improving Your Credit Score

Of course, if you struggled to pay your bills and debts on time, then chances are you’ve wracked up a bad credit score by now. This then makes it difficult to receive further financial help, such as loans from a bank. Still, the online current account can help here too. Because they help with paying bills, your credit score will also go up in time, making you eligible for loans and suchlike in future. Everyone get’s a second chance, meaning your poor financial history will, eventually, become somewhat irrelevant through using an online current account.

Cheap Monthly Fees

It’s hard to imagine a monthly fee being an advantage of any kind, but in the case of online current accounts, it most certainly is! For the level of convenience and service that you’re getting, a measly monthly contribution of £10 is both affordable and well worth the payment. That’s the cost for Think Money’s quality and considerate money managing services, and it means that all the perks of an online current account are never out of reach. It’s the fairest deal you’re ever going to get when it comes to getting help here, so get onboard!

Behavioural Changes

Because the online current account is essentially helping to look after your finances, they’re also providing you with a bevy of learning curves too. It won’t take you long to adapt to the thoughtful and helpful guidelines these businesses set out for you. Eventually, you’ll start to learn how to be responsible with your money; what you can spend, what you can’t spend, etc. Consequently, one could say this is the ultimate advantage of opening an online current account; improved self-awareness, and thus a more prosperous financial future.


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