5 Ways to Help Your AC Cool Your House


The summer heat wave will make most of us rely on our air conditioning systems. However, using the AC units too much can increase your electricity bills and waste power. The systems may also break down, forcing you to call air conditioning companies.

You can reduce your reliance on air conditioning systems if you take steps to help your AC cool your house.

1. Encourage Air Flow

Allowing fresh air into your home might not be effective in lowering the room’s temperature quickly. Instead, open two windows in opposite ends of the house or room, or line them with each other. This approach will encourage air to flow through freely, creating a nice breeze.

You may put two fans in front of these windows to cool down the room faster. Set one fan in a window facing into your house to blow in air from outside. Put the second fan on the other window facing outside to blow hot air from your place back outside.

2. Shut down Appliances That Generate Heat

Most electrical fixtures emit some heat as you use them, affecting your efforts to cool down a room. You may avoid the specific appliances that generate heat, such as your hairdryer, microwave, oven, or tumble dryer. Small appliances may not produce adequate heat to affect the room temperature.

You may adopt a lifestyle that lets you avoid heat-generating appliances. For example, you can get an indoor drying rack for the tumble dryer. You may also replace cooked meals with meals that need no cooking or a refreshing and delicious salad.

3. Allow Cool Air in at Night

The outside temperature drops once the sunsets. Use this period to cool your home by opening your windows and curtains. Shutting down the AC also allows the unit to rest, which is good for air conditioner maintenance.

You may open the windows fully. Check whether the top sashes open if your home has double-hung windows.

4. Block out Sunlight during the Day

You may open your curtains and enjoy the weather on a nice sunny day. However, this move can be counterintuitive if you want to keep the room cool. Your glass can magnify the heat from outside that gets into your room, making the house hotter.

Keeping the curtains shut during a hot, sunny day can help you keep the room cooler by blocking out heat and direct sunlight. You may also drape soft and thick materials like bed covers over the windows if your curtains aren’t effective at blocking direct sunlight.

5. Manage Humidity

A dehumidifier can make your room comfortable if things feel miserably humid. This appliance works better than wall-unit ACs.

These approaches may not cool down your property as much as well-placed wall AC units or a central air system. However, they can make your place more comfortable. You may use them with the air conditioning system. You won’t need to crank up the AC to keep your home cool when you use it. Therefore, you’ll reduce your power consumption and electricity bill.


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