5 Ways to Spend a Weekend in the Lake District


When it comes to spending a weekend away, the UK has some absolutely fantastic destinations but there is something about the Lake District that draws people to come back time and time again.

If you are already familiar with the Lake District, then you will already know this but if you have yet to enjoy everything that it has to offer then now is a great time to make it your weekend destination. The area is a breath of fresh air where you will find beautiful unrivalled scenery, idyllic lakes and quaint cottages nestled in the smaller towns and villages that are dotted all over the area. There are also plenty of Lake District Hotels to choose as the base for your stay.

There are a number of weekend breaks you could consider for the Lake District and here are just five.

An active weekend

There are few people who visit the Lake District who do not try to get in at least one simple walk during their stay. There are so many beautiful and well planned out walks to enjoy all over the area that there is something for everyone no matter what their ability. It’s also a great area for climbing and a range of other outdoor activities so if your idea of the perfect weekend away is doing active things then the Lake District is the perfect destination with something for everyone.

A relaxing weekend

Sometimes we need to take time out from the busy day to day stresses of life and a relaxing weekend away is the perfect solution. There are some stunning spa hotels in the Lake District that will give you the perfect opportunity to do exactly this and in perfect surroundings. When you can round off your days with a perfect meal cooked using locally sourced incredibly fresh ingredients, is there any better way to unwind?

A cultural weekend

There is a history of culture linked to the Lake District with its association to the poet William Wordsworth and a number of authors including Beatrix Potter and Arthur Ransome. If you prefer a cultural weekend away, then you will find plenty to occupy you here with a superb range of museums and National Trust properties in the region. There are also plenty of smaller towns with some incredible and unique shops to offer you a special shopping experience. Making use of fantastic local produce and showcasing it, the Lake District is home to some award winning restaurants serving all types of cuisine to spoil you as well.

An adventure weekend

With all of those lakes, and the coast not too far away, the Lake District has plenty of water sports to offer for a great adventure weekend. There are also some spectacular forest biking trails that will allow you to take your weekend adventure off the beaten track and explore some of the areas that are less visited by the bigger crowds of tourists – just remember to pack some waterproofs, the Lake District has a reputation for getting a little wet at times.

A romantic weekend

Whether you are looking for somewhere special in the UK for a honeymoon, a minimoon or even a babymoon then the Lake District has everything you could need. Stunning hotels in idyllic surroundings, perfect accommodation choices and elegant meals that are created using only the finest local ingredients, this is a great place to just spend time with your loved one, enjoying each other’s company in a romantic setting. Sometimes all you need to do is just get away for the weekend together to reconnect with your other half.

So there you have it; some great ways to spend time away in the Lake District. You may find combining some of the types of break mentioned above could be a wonderful way to spend a little more time than just a weekend there too!



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