5 Ways to Stop Your Kenyan Vacation from Ending


If you have recently traveled to Kenya and fallen in love with it, or if you are fed up with enduring the post-vacation blues, then you should know that your vacation to Kenya does not always have to come to an end. Instead, there are many ways that you can allow your Kenyan travel experiences to continue far into the future. This article collates some of the best ways that you can prevent the African vacation of your dreams from coming to a close.

1. Move Out There

If you have fallen in love with Kenya in particular, then why not consider moving there? Although moving across the world can provide you with a great amount of upheaval (including questions about where you will store your belongings), moving to the destination of your dreams will help you to feel as if you are on vacation every single day. Moving can allow you to improve your satisfaction with life, rather than being resentful of where you live. To do this, you should search local property websites in Kenya and beyond. For instance, Kenya Property Centre offers a variety of houses and apartments to rent and sell in some of the best areas of Kenya.

2. Buy a Second Home

If you are not quite ready to give up on your home country, you should consider buying a second home in Kenya that you can return to whenever you wish. Buying a second home is an excellent way for you to revisit Kenya multiple times without the hassle or expense of finding accommodation. If you are worried about the costs of maintaining a second home when you are not there, you should consider hiring it out to other vacation-makers in Kenya or getting a temporary lodger out of season.

3. Find Work in a Different Country

However, if you have decided that you want to travel to different locations, including those in Kenya, throughout the year, you should consider finding work in Kenya. As well as seasonal jobs, such as lifeguards and fruit pickers, you should also consider qualifications that are designed to help you travel far and wide. These include TEFL courses, which can allow you to teach English to non-English speakers. Many TEFL schemes can help you to get placed in an exciting location in Kenya without having to find a position yourself.

4. Save to Travel

Although it might be a far-off dream to travel constantly for some, if you cannot afford to simply pack up your bags and stay away forever, you should consider saving up to travel back to Kenya. It can be harder for some than others to get enough money to do this. You should consider opening up a separate bank account that you can send a small amount of money into via direct debit a month, or that you can donate to whenever you have spare cash. You might also consider starting a crowd-funding page to allow others to fund your travels to Kenya for you.

5. Travel Indefinitely

However, there is always the option of traveling indefinitely through Kenya, going to places like Maasai Mara National Park or to other remote areas to witness the most strange ceremonies and traditions in Africa. Whether you decide to take a sabbatical or gap year from your job, or whether you take your family with you on your Africa trip, many people are now soaring around the globe after selling their home and possessions and living off the funds from this or a remote job to keep themselves moving to far-off destinations in Africa. If you are interested to learn more about traditional things in Kenya, you might want to read our article, What Do the Colors and Patterns in Maasai Beadwork Represent?

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