5 Wig Tips For A Perfect Natural Look


The wig has become a necessity in every woman’s wardrobe. It is not just meant for fashion but also for practicality because of the sudden hair loss during cancer treatments, chemotherapy among other conditions. Wearing a wig requires correct maintenance to make sure that it lasts long and looks natural like real hair. Here are 5 wig tips for a perfect natural look.

1. Keep Wig Clean Always

Keep wig clean always by brushing wig daily with a wig brush or special wig comb designed for this purpose, wash wig once per week with a mild shampoo, and allow it to dry thoroughly before you wear it again. Anyone can use special cleaning agents in washing if needed, like oily products that may come from the scalp when doing chemo treatment.

To make sure a wig is clean, avoid sharing a wig with anyone else, especially someone with a different wig type, wig color, and wig style because it might end up with another person’s head lice. Placing a wig on any other head may also cause the wig to lose its shape or even create tangles that are difficult to remove.

2. Apply Wig Conditioner Regularly

Apply wig conditioner after each wearing to make sure it remains smooth as well as looking good for a long time. In the same way, people can take care of their own hair by applying hair serum occasionally instead of wearing a wig all the time since this will prevent hair loss from their scalp.

Avoid wearing a wig in a humid place like a bathroom or sauna to be safe, especially if it is made out of synthetic fiber materials. Wearing under the sun continuously can fade wig color so avoid it as well.

3. Ensure Wig Fits Correctly

Ensure the wig fits you correctly to avoid any discomfort. If the wig is too tight, it might cause the circulation of blood to stop making the wig uncomfortable to wear for a long time and may even lead they do not remove to hair loss from your scalp if wig on time. In the same way, a wig that is too loose can slip or move around as you go about your day, which may also ruin the wig shape and make it look funny.

4. Know Wig Types

First, you must know wig types, wig styles, and wig colors before wearing a wig. There are many wig types, wig styles, and wig colors to choose from. The key point is don’t choose a wig that is too long so it can make your real hair look shorter than the original. It is not good if the wig looks longer than your own hair. So, purchase a wig that is 1-2 inches same as your natural hair length.

Quality is also important because there are high-quality wigs and inferior quality wigs. If someone wants to buy a high-quality wig, it will be very expensive, but it has better looking, feels more natural, and has less shedding compare with the inferior quality wig.

5. Know Your Face Shape

For individuals who like wigs, they need to know their face shapes and choose a wig that will fit them well. They can also choose a wig that will make them beautiful! For those women who want to look modern by wearing a wig, the best wig color is dark brown with natural gold highlights. It will make you look sophisticated and sexy. If you prefer wig colors like ebony or jet black, go for it, but keep in mind that these wig colors are difficult to maintain.

Make sure that they can style easily someone’s wig because if they have a boring wig then it will decrease their self-confidence level when people come in contact with your wig. The way of how to wear wigs is simple – put them on before leaving home, of course after styling them perfectly. Do not forget that wigs are nothing more than hairpieces; they need constant care if someone wants to feel confident about herself when wearing them.

By following these 5 tips for a perfectly natural look, an individual will keep wearing a wig for a longer period without having wig lice or worrying about losing his/her own hair, since they are two different things.

Wearing a wig also allows someone to experiment with various styles and try out new colors until they find a wig that is most suitable for them. For more information on wig tips for a perfect natural look, kindly visit Nia-Wig!


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