6 Coffee Recipes That Anyone Can Master At Home


You must have seen awesome-looking coffee services that you are dreaming of tasting. Well, you could make most of them at home if you have the time to experiment and perfect. You don’t have to wait until when you can go for those perfect coffee treats.

Before we even get into the recipes, it is good to know about coffee brewing. First, you need to make the right choice of coffee bean. You can buy roasted coffee or you can roast them yourself. A poor choice could hurt your coffee adventures. You also need the correct coffee brewing machine. Lastly, you need the coffee bean and the machine choice to match. When it comes to choosing the best bean to cup coffee machine, it should not be that hard if you know where to go. You can find online reviews to have an idea of what to expect from every machine. Now, let’s get into the awesome recipes that you can do at home.

Mocha coffee

This lazy recipe never disappoints despite its simple components. First, you need black coffee. I am specific about black because it will give it the color that it deserves. It would be best if you also had cream and chocolate ice cream. Black coffee is famed for bringing character and richness. Chocolate ice cream does the rest of the magic.


Apart from the Italian name for this espresso recipe, everything else is all about the love for a good coffee dessert. Our favorite affogato is this Kona coffee affogato. Definitely try this one! At least it would be best if you had a good espresso machine to get the best outcome. You also need coffee. You can use the roast level of your choice depending on the desired flavor. Since the pressure-process can lead to slightly stronger coffee, you may want to ensure a moderate roast. It would be best if you also had ice cream and chocolate flavoring.

6 Coffee Recipes That Anyone Can Master At Home


The creativity in the coffee whipping business is still alive in 2020. Korea happens to be the melting pot of some awesome coffee recipes. The Dalgona is a standout must-try way of serving t milk. All you need in the preparation is to whip equal proportions of hot water, powdered instant coffee, and sugar. What you do after that is entirely your business. Tip; beat it with love and attention to give it that super smooth and bubbly appeal. If you want to keep a cold or cough away, sprinkle some honey while serving.

Cream egg special

Egg and coffee combo is not for everyone. However, you have to try this dessert before you can wish it away. You need egg yolks, condensed milk, sugar, and hot water. As usual, prepare your coffee and keep it ready for service. Mix the other items and whip them until they become bubbly. Make sure that the coffee is steaming hot when you start serving to give the beaten yolk a cooked feel. The whipped mixture sits in between the first hot brewed coffee and the remainder of the poured coffee.

The peanut shake

As the name suggests, this is a nut mix for the discerning coffee lover. Coffee, peanut butter, ice, milk, and coconut oil are the items you need to make this one happen. Apart from the blender, everything else is easy to do. You may add the sweetener of choice if you want, but the peanut butter gives the coffee the mildly sweet taste. I prefer to throw a dash of honey instead of any other sweetener.

Iced coffee

You can call mocha coffee recipes lazy, but this one is indolent in terms of ingredients but also quite simple to make. It is perfect for those lazy but time-conscious mornings. All you need is coffee and milk. Condensed milk is ideal for any whipped coffee and, therefore, the preferred option. The idea is to blend the brewed coffee with the condensed milk until it is smooth and frothy. A frothy mixture will come in handy. You can throw a few ice cubes in the mixture and enjoy.

Irish coffee

The name suggests that this combo is likely to be laced with some whiskey. You are right about this. Speaking of ingredients, what about whiskey, cream, and brewed coffee? Mix the cream with whiskey and whip it nicely, then pour brewed coffee in a mixing glass and pour the mixture. The natural whiskey taste is enough.

Final thoughts

Some good coffee can turn out great if you can commit to improving your skill continuously. You can also experiment with other ingredients that you think can work. After all, what matters is the coffee experience to turn out great.

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