6 Factors That Mostly Affect Your Car Shipping Quote


Shipping a car across the country is a daunting task. One of the most difficult questions you have to answer is how much it will cost. There are many different factors that mostly affect car shipping quotes, some have less impact, others have a more significant impact. These factors are mostly based on your location and what type of shipping service you plan to use. Here are some factors that can affect your car shipping quote.

1. Seasonality

The price to ship a car is usually costlier during the peak seasons. It’s no different with rental cars. It is more expensive to ship a car during the peak seasons because of more demand, so the shipping companies tend to raise the price accordingly. The most expensive season for car shipping is during the summer, and the cheapest season is during winter. This is because most people are not very likely to drive their cars in the bitter cold of winter and also because during the summer the demand for car transport is greater, because of the influx of vacationers and summer camps.

2. Type Of Car Shipping Service You Are Choosing

If you want to ship your car fast, you will more than likely be paying extra. The faster and more reliable the service, the higher will be the price tag that comes along with it. If you want your car shipped via air freight, it’s a given that you will have to pay high fees in order to make sure that your car arrives at its destination within a certain period of time. In addition to high air freight fees, air shipping is also one of the most expensive ways to ship cars. On the other hand, if you choose to ship your car via sea freight (which is cheaper), you will have to pay extra for the increased risk that comes with shipping cars via sea service. You can check out Breeze Customs for more information.

3. Location And Distance

Location plays a major role in determining how much it will cost to ship your car. The fact that the shipping companies have to pay for the fuel and fuel charges translates to a steeper price. Shipping a car across the country is more expensive than shipping it to a nearby state/city. In addition, if you are shipping your car to a remote island or small town, you may have to pay higher fees.

4. Vehicle Type

The type of vehicle you are shipping will determine how much it will cost to ship it. Big cars, trucks, and SUVs are more costly to ship across the country compared to small vehicles such as sedans and hatchbacks. This is because big cars require more space, which leads to increased fuel costs. Bigger vehicles are also more difficult to load and unload, which is another factor that can increase car shipping quotes.

5. Vehicle Condition

This is probably the biggest deciding factor that can make or break your shipping costs. If you are shipping a damaged car or a car with missing parts, you will have to pay more for transportation. Your vehicle might incur damages during the transport, which is why it’s a good idea to purchase a protection plan for your vehicle. The protection plan will cover damages to your car and missing parts during transport.

6. Door-To-Door Vs. Terminal-To-Terminal Shipping

You can choose the shipping method that best suits your needs. Door-to-door shipping is highly recommended, and there’s a good possibility that you will be prepaying for the extra-cost door-to-door shipping because it gives you peace of mind. However, not all carriers offer this service, and also, it depends on your location. If you’re shipping to a nearby state, it’s best that you pay extra for door-to-door shipping because it costs less than shipping your car via air or sea freight. On the other hand, if you are shipping to a remote town or island, you should opt for terminal-to-terminal service. This is because the cost of going door-to-door is greater than the cost of going through terminal-to-terminal shipping and also because terminal service can be more expensive, especially to countries with limited availability, such as overseas locations.

There are many factors that determine the cost of shipping your car. It is important for you to understand these factors and how they can affect your car shipping quote. The best way to get a car shipped is to hire a transporter who can provide cost-effective pricing while still delivering quality services. However, be sure to do your research first since there are many unreliable car shipping companies out there.

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