6 must-have items for decorating your student accommodation

Whether your new student digs are a blank canvas or offer a range of decorative features, there’s nothing like making yourself at home and putting your own personal stamp on a place.

Afterall, you’re going to be there for at least six months, so you want to make it a place you can feel comfortable and where you can unwind easily after long library days, right?

Decorating an entire room could be costly, and with the restrictions in place about what you can and can’t do in student accommodation, you might be at a loss as to how much you can actually do with your space.

The good news is there’s still plenty you can do – and here we’re taking a look at just six of the easiest, most affordable ways you can change-up your student accommodation, without breaking the bank.

1. The humble command strip

Everyone knows that Sellotape and blue tac are strictly forbidden in rented accommodation, but there is a way around that which allows you to put up pictures, posters and anything else without leaving any evidence behind.

Command strips.

These small but mighty applications have earned their name on every student’s list of must-haves and allow you to decorate without causing damage to the walls. They are also cheap and easy to readjust if you need to.

2. Plants

Adding a pop of colour into your space is always recommended but doing it with plants also helps you to bring a bit of nature indoors. Of course, the big question is whether you opt for real or fake greenery.

Fake plants are of course completely low-maintenance and will last for as long as you want them there for. But opting for real plants can give you a little purpose and responsibility, plus they can also boost mood, reduce stress and help to clean the air inside your space.

3. Mirrors

Mirrors are not just practical features of a room but can also make your space look larger than it really is. Depending on your budget, space can be a premium feature, but add in a few well-placed mirrors and you can make your place look and feel much more spacious.

Of course, you can’t hang your mirrors on the walls with nails, but you can get over the door mirrors or, you guessed it – command strips!

4. Alternative lighting

Whether it’s lamps, battery powered tealights or fairy lights, adding additional lighting in can not only help your room feel cosier, but it can be a nice alternative on harsh strip lights often found in modern student accommodation in Liverpool.

Whether you’re looking to create a chilled-out vibe after a day of learning or just want to make your room more you this is a super easy and affordable way of going about things.

5. Bedding

Soft furnishings are a wonderful and easy way of personalising your room without spending a fortune. Picking a design that will suit the theme of your room can be a great way of creating an eye-catching focal point that looks and feels great.

Besides, when it comes to the place you sleep, work, eat snacks and binge-watch Netflix, you can’t compromise.

6. Picture frames

Whether it’s pictures of your parents, you with your siblings, your significant other or your cat, bringing personal photos to your temporary accommodation is an easy way to help you settle in properly. But picture frames can be used for so much more than just housing your treasured memories.

You can get your hands on all kinds of frame designs and can print off your favourite prints or motivational quotes to display on your furniture and walls (yep, command strips!). And the best bit is that you can easily switch out what’s in your frame whenever you feel like a chance of scenery!

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