6 Reasons Why It’s The BEST Time To Pursue Your Acting Career!


Many potentially great actors are often unsure of themselves and whether or not to kickstart building their acting careers. They find themselves with a list of endless excuses on why they shouldn’t pursue their acting passion citing the challenges involved both within their lives and the acting career in general. What they conveniently forget is that acting is also a fully-fledged career, and just like other professions out there, it’s never a smooth affair as it’s laden with its ups and downs, and only those with a passion for acting deal with them effortlessly.

Make your acting a priority today by enrolling in a reputable acting school for beginners and quitting putting it off like before. To be a successful actor demands lots of time and determination to build and strengthen your skills and relevant technical capabilities actively, and one of the best places is within acting schools.

This article will delve into six relevant reasons why it’s the best time for you to pursue your acting career.

1. Benefit From The Streaming Revolution

More movies are being produced today than ever witnessed before, thanks to the streaming revolution. There is a long list of movie streaming sites that charge their clients on a subscription basis, and their main aim is to give them a constant supply of endless movies to keep them on their streaming channels. The massive spike in the production and distribution of films is good news for both active and aspiring actors as it has directly led to an increase in casting roles demand. Finding a casting role is much easier than before since most of these movies are series with recurring and feature roles that target actors who are not in high demand compared to top movies.

2. You Have A Passion For Acting

People have passions in different fields and to do and achieve various goals. A person with a passion for doing something and who takes the necessary steps to achieve a particular goal seldomly fails in their ambitions. Actors with a burning desire for showcasing their acting skills often move ahead to accomplish impressive milestones in their acting careers in general. These are the actors you’ll often find with unlimited creativity and unmatched skills in acting. They will seem to navigate acting challenges before them with natural ease simply due to the energy from their passion. If you know yourself to have the determination to take your acting career all the way, then it’s time to walk the talk; start by enrolling in acting classes as soon as you can to make your dreams a reality.

3. Self Tapes Have Made Auditions Convenient

While actors had to be physically present in live auditions traditionally to stand a chance in securing an acting role, nowadays, self-tapes are the in thing. Self-tapes are pre-recorded video auditions of prospective actors submitted as a form of application tendering for a casting role to be assessed by casting directors. These tapes have made it much easier and convenient for prospective actors to apply for as many auditions as possible without being held down by occurrences such as an illness that would previously disqualify one. With self-tapes, you have enough time to prepare, present, and record yourself in the best way you can to increase your chances of securing a casting role.

4. It’s Easy To Join The Actors Equity Association

Actors Equity Association is a US union responsible for representing all eligible members that perform live theatrical works. There used to be stringent measures that narrowed down potential members by a great deal but have now been relaxed in a bid to have more members and racial inclusivity. As of now, an actor or theatre performer who has worked and earned money from professional acting in the US is eligible.

5. You Have Enough Time And Finances

Acting, in general, poses a level of uncertainty in both the time it might take to achieve one’s acting goals and one’s finances. In the early years of any actor’s career, finances may be unsteady, leading them to consider other avenues to maintain their day-to-day living expenses. You’ll need to be patient enough to understand the process and the uncertainties involved. This calls for thorough preparation in anticipation of these implications in your overall life. You might need a lot of time traveling for auditions and proving yourself as an actor before landing any meaningful roles.

6. You Love Socializing And Don’t Mind Being In The Limelight

Socializing is part and parcel of the acting career as it involves many social gatherings, parties, and other events. You’ll need to be an outgoing person who enjoys other people’s company to get the most and be at peace with your acting career. Most accomplished actors are always in the limelight during interviews, shows and promos, and the like. It’s essential to know your personality type to determine if acting as a career will be suitable for you.

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