6 Simple Ways to Make Your Company More Green

There are many ways to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Recently, society is moving towards being sustainable and environmentally conscious. Therefore businesses have a responsibility to shift towards greener choices. The positive results of this are linked with customers who have more longevity in supporting your brand and you can use sustainable marketing services to promote your work.

The key to enforcing a plan with longevity is by creating realistic changes and goals. What we want to focus on are small changes that will make a big difference.


When it comes to recycling, it can be difficult to know how to best facilitate this within your business. With the various rules and regulations, waste collection can be tricky, but it does not have to be. By doing your research you can support and facilitate your company’s journey to sustainability.

Utilising Light

If your office has natural sources of light, use these to your advantage. Placing desks in a well-lit area with windows reduces the need for additional lighting. This not only saves you money but limits electricity consumption. This makes the most of an otherwise overlooked opportunity.

Change Your Lightbulbs

When there is a need for additional lighting, ensure you choose an energy-saving option. By swapping to energy-saving lightbulbs, you reduce electrical consumption and support sustainability. This yet again saves you money and ensures your business is greener.

Paperless Billing and Working

Paper receipts and paperwork are a thing of the past. A great way to save resources is by turning to digital means. By emailing over receipts, you not only save resources but also increase the opportunity for marketing in the future. Collating your consumer’s email addresses can be helpful with targeted email marketing in the future. Not to mention, it reduces your business spending by using a system that is already in place.

When it comes to sharing files and documenting resources, using a cloud-based system also reduces waste and limits paper consumption. Not only does this make it more efficient to search for documents, but it allows employees to have access to files more easily.

Working From Home

Especially within the recent circumstances, working from home is a fantastic way to support going green. If this is not possible in the long term, then it is also an option to reduce office working to 3 or 4 days per week, rather than 5. Reducing office-based working decreases each employee’s commute and links directly to increased sustainability. This may also support in reducing business expenditure as you may be able to invest in a smaller office space as a result of the flexibility of working.

Support Local Businesses

When it comes to the acquisition of products and services, choose local businesses. Supporting locally reduces negative environmental impacts. This is due to the reduction in transportation, which correlates to decreasing greenhouse gasses. The added benefits of supporting locals come from the opportunity for businesses to support you in return. Building a local community of businesses can lead to a local initiative that can spread into sustainable community ventures.