6 Smart Tips To Help You Buy Your First Roller Shoes

At some point in life, every person wants to have wheels fitted in their shoes to enjoy skating without the hassle of roller skates. The roller skate shoes made it a dream come true for millions of people.

Heeley is the top brand that makes roller shoes with detachable wheels, so you can also use them as regular shoes. You can purchase it for yourself or your kid; there’s no age limit to have some fun rolling around in your roller shoes. But how do you find the right roller shoes for you? Don’t worry; here are six smart tips to help your first roller shoes.

1. Find the right size

The first and foremost thing you should be concerned about is the sizing. There’s no point buying the roller shoes if they don’t fit. The sizing of the roller shoes is comparatively smaller than the average shoes, and therefore they are mostly marked differently for kids and teenagers.

Choose the correct size as it will determine the fit and comfort of the shoes. You don’t want to deal with tight and uncomfortable shoes while rolling. If you plan to buy them online, measure your foot and check the insole to fight the correct size.

2. Check the safety features

Although roller shoes are fun to use, they can cause injuries if not used correctly. You need to check various aspects of the shoes to ensure they are safe for rolling. The first thing to check is the wheels. Not all roller shoes are made the same; that is why you need to check the wheels of the shoes to make sure they roll freely and smoothly.

It’s also essential to check whether they are easily detachable from the shoes or not. Most rolling injuries happen when the kids start running while the wheels are out, and it can cause serious injuries. Make sure you or your kid always wears a helmet until you get better control and experience your rolling skills.

3. Are they convenient to carry around?

Roller shoes have detachable wheels, but it may not be easy to remove the wheel. Some roller shoes come with additional tools like a wrench and plug to detach the wheel from the shoes. You need to carry them wherever you go if you want to change from rolling shoes to running shoes and vice versa. Remember this when you buy roller shoes.

It’s also vital to understand that roller shoes are usually banned on school campuses and malls. If you are okay with detaching the wheels every time you enter the school or mall, you are good to go.

4. Check the pricing

The price of the roller skate shoes depends on the sizing, brand and material of the shoes. Many roller shoes for kids cost in the range of $30 to $50, depending on various factors. It is better to avoid overpaying for the roller shoes.

5. Single-wheeled Vs. Double-wheeled

Roller shoes come with options of single-wheeled and double-wheeled.

The double-wheeled roller shoes are better for new users as they provide better stability and control. It helps balance your heel and provides more base to balance on while wheeling.

The single-wheeled rollers are for more experienced users, and they demand better rolling balance and precision. The single-wheeled roller shoes offer more control over the maneuvers, so you can quickly turn on the sharp corner without losing your balance.

Remember that single-wheeled roller shoes may not have similar stability as two-wheeled rollers as they have only one wheel to balance the user.

6. Check the overall quality

Quality makes a lot of difference when buying your first roller shoes. There’s no doubt that Heeley makes top-quality roller shoes. There are some other aspects that you need to check for good quality.

First of all, the shoes need to have high quality, durable material. Roller shoes are used by active individuals who indulge in different variations of physical activity that can put additional pressure on the shoe’s structure.

If you buy poor-quality roller shoes, they will tear and be worthless within a few days of use. Check the quality of the sole and wheels as they are the most used parts of roller shoes. The quality of the wheel also determines the rolling resistance. That is why you should never compromise on quality.

Rolling shoes are undoubtedly a lot of fun. Make sure you buy only the renowned brands to ensure superior quality, get amazing discounts, and the best bang for your bucks.