6 Styling Tips to Make Your Bathroom More Elegant

Bathrooms aren’t normally thought of as being very showy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little bit of elegance to them through careful styling choices. You just need to know where to look! There are many low-cost items that you can add to your bathroom to make it feel more elegant and sophisticated, such as changing out your shower curtain or bath mat and adding some scented candles or potpourri to the room. Try these 6 styling tips the next time you want to spruce up your bathroom.

1) Follow Current bathroom trends for ideas

Trends in bathrooms are constantly changing and evolving. The best way to stay on top of them is by following bathroom blog trends, with a twist; while you should absolutely look at what’s trendy, your bathroom needs its own character. Have a look around—what makes your heart skip a beat? What colors make you feel warm and cozy? Use your instincts as well as trend inspiration to curate your own unique space. Here are some of our favorite small-bathroom ideas right now. Best of all, many of these styling tips can be used in any type of bathroom, large or small!

2) Know what you want for your bathroom

Before you start shopping, you’ll want to know what your goals are for the space. There’s no rule that says a bathroom has to be a certain size or have a certain number of fixtures. Think about what your needs are and how much you’re willing to spend—these factors will go into determining what’s right for you. And make sure that when it comes time to pick out towels, rugs, and other decor pieces, they all match with one another! If they clash, it’ll make your space feel even smaller than it is.

3) Avoid these common bathroom mistakes

Poor bathroom design can feel like a death knell for elegant living. The key is to avoid these 5 common decorating mistakes: 1. Don’t clutter your space with unneccessary items. Be cautious of adding anything in your bathroom that you don’t absolutely need, because it can quickly make your space look cluttered and messy. 2. Don’t forget lighting! A well-lit space feels more open and inviting, and less cramped and dreary. While natural light is best for bathrooms (it gives off a brighter, softer glow), it’s not always possible or feasible to have large windows in small spaces like bathrooms – but consider adding ceiling lights or other ways of brightening up any dark corners that exist in your room layout.

4) Use a focal point to break up monotony

Whether it’s a freestanding mirror, artwork or a cabinet with glass doors, a focal point provides visual interest. And too much symmetry can feel generic and boring. So try placing something asymmetrical in your space to break up any visual monotony. Small changes can go a long way! But remember that decorative touches should enhance your life—not be solely for aesthetics. This means if you decide to add a towel bar or shelf, make sure it’s functional first and stylish second (I always include both!).

5) You don’t need matching towels

In most cases, it’s unnecessary—and probably even overkill—to spend a lot of money on coordinating bathroom decor. In fact, if you have more than one style of towel (say, one for your hair and another for your body), it can actually be a little bit tacky. If you don’t like how your towels look together, just pick up an extra hand towel or washcloth in a different color and use that as an accent piece. It’ll give your bathroom a designer look without breaking the bank. You could also try updating your shower curtain; not only is it usually cheaper than replacing every towel in your bathtub (not to mention easier), but getting rid of old materials can refresh even well-loved bathrooms.

6) Choose bathroom flooring wisely

Don’t get stuck with a boring, old-fashioned bathroom floor that gives your room a dated feel. If you have any say in it, choose tiles instead of carpets because they keep your bathroom looking clean and new for longer and don’t hold onto stains like carpets do. Ceramic tiles are one of our top choices for bathrooms, too, because they come in a variety of patterns and materials that add style without sacrificing hygiene or comfort. They’re hardwearing but soft underfoot and come in designs you won’t find anywhere else. Plus they come in several different colors—and if you don’t like what you see at first glance you can always mix them up by layering different colored tiles on top of each other.

Final Thoughts

A bathroom is a sanctuary. It should be a place where you can leave your worries and work behind and relax. However, too often, that’s not really how it works out. Perhaps it’s because we’re trying so hard to make sure things are clean in there that we forget about aesthetics. Take a few minutes today to spruce up your bathroom with these five tips for decorating on a budget