6 Wall Décor Ideas for Your Home


Whether you’re trying to spruce up some of the plain, white walls in your home, or you’ve just moved into a new place and searching for ways to make it look more interesting, wall decoration options may – at first – seem limited. Luckily, this is not really the case.

Although hiring a home decorator may seem like a solid strategy, it can be costly and maybe even a little frustrating if your tastes and preferences don’t exactly match. Alternatively, you can go online and get inspiration from the dozens of blogs and articles sharing new and unusual wall decoration concepts that can work for your home. To help you kick start your research, we gathered six fresh ideas for wall decoration that are both beautiful and practical.

Wall Mounted Fireplace

One of the most out-of-the-box wall art ideas for living room spaces that’s gaining popularity fast is hanging a wall mounted fireplace above the couch. Not only does locating your fireplace in this unusual spot create a great focal point, but it also provides a warm, comfortable atmosphere in the seating area. There’s no better way for you and your guests to feel cozy and comfy in colder months on game night and movie marathons!

Hanging Fabric

To add an instant touch of warmth, softness and color to your space, a tapestry or wall hanging can be the way to go. You can easily do this by framing vintage scarves or other pretty textiles that go with the rest of your furniture, and they can be much easier to move – when needed – than heavier framed paintings.

Wall Shelves

It’s always good to have extra space for books, souvenirs and plant pots. Installing floating shelves take your cherished items for display on the wall, creating a personalized feel to it, while granting a great deal of practicality at the same time.

Painted Murals

Hand-painted and stick-on wall motifs are another great alternative to hanging framed pictures. They give walls a whole other life, transforming them into an interesting story that makes for a great conversation starter. You can choose anything from graphic geometric designs, to soothing meditations vistas.


What better way to embrace nature into your own space, and give life to your walls than bringing plants inside? As an alternative to placing your greens on the windowsill, try hanging or wall-mounting planters as decorative items, and experience a whole new concept of wall decoration.



With an ancient air and durability on their side, mosaics have been used for floor decoration throughout history. However, and in a modern twist of fate, wall mosaics have now become familiar decorative elements in many design schools, for they never fail to add an unmatched sense of luxury.

While empty walls boast a myriad of possibilities, most people just go straight to thinking about framed paintings, family photos, and mirrors. And while those are all beautiful, intimate and valid wall decoration options, they’re not the only ones. We hope that this article helped you discover new wall décor ideas for your home.



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