7 Health Benefits of Going to a Shooting Range


Looking for a way to de-stress this spring? Or, looking to get back in shape ahead of the summer season? Now may be a smart time to schedule some time at the shooting range.

The reality is, a shooting range is a great place to blow off some steam, in addition to offering several health benefits.

Here’s a rundown on seven health benefits of going to a shooting range this year.

  1. A Shooting Range Improves Your Physical Fitness

At a time when lounging on the couch has become America’s favorite pastime, going to the shooting range is a great way to strengthen your body and become healthier.

When you fire a gun, you naturally develop your physical strength because you have to keep the core of your body engaged. In addition, you must keep your upper body and arms steady.

In addition to helping you to increase your strength, going to a shooting range can improve your stamina and hand-and-eye coordination. It can also boost your fine motor ability.

All of this is helpful not just for sports, but for life in general. After all, the more physically fit you are, the stronger and healthier you will feel. In addition, you can feel much healthier mentally, too.

Remember that because shooting a gun is actually a sport — similar to soccer or basketball — you may feel a little out of breath when you start. And that’s okay.

The most important thing is that you start. Your physical abilities will only improve with time as you keep practicing.

  1. Enhances Your Focus

Another reason to embrace time at the shooting range is that it can improve your ability to focus.

When you’re aiming your gun, you have to keep your eyes focused on your target. This means you need to remove the mind from all other activities.

In other words, with shooting, you’ll learn how to be more present and operate in the moment. Your only focus should be on what you are aiming at right before your eyes.

  1. Boosts Your Mental Discipline

When you think about shooting a gun, you may immediately think about the physical aspect of the task. However, shooting is a primarily mental sport.

Here’s why.

As we mentioned earlier, your concentration level is expanded and sharpened during shooting. However, you must also engage in problem-solving involving creative thinking, logic, and even mathematics.

In addition, when you are shooting a gun, you have to be immensely aware. Even if you are in a shooting range indoors, you must stay cognizant of what is happening around you and stay focused on several things at one time.

For instance, you must focus on the shooting target while simultaneously concentrating on your weapon’s mechanics and your stance.

The greater your ability to think outside of the box and think logically, the better able you’ll be to tackle life’s issues. In addition, you’ll be more capable of focusing on your loved ones and on the job.

The reality is, distractions remain a major problem in today’s technological age. So, striving to enhance your ability to focus with the help of a shooting range is a smart move. In the end, you can expect to feel more relaxed, calm, and confident long term.

  1. Strengthens Your Arms

Shooting ranges also offer you the opportunity to strengthen your arms, much as you would in the gym.

To shoot a gun, you need to have steady hands and arms. And the steadier you manage to keep these areas of the body, the sturdier they will become.

  1. Boost Your Adrenaline

When you hold a gun and fire it, this can be extremely exhilarating. This feeling is good for you not just emotionally, but also physically.  Kind of like those scenes in apocalyptic movies where your on the edge of your seat waiting to see what will happen.

When you shoot a firearm, the adrenaline in your body increases. This will cause an energy surge to start pulsing through your bloodstream.

The increased adrenaline levels in the blood will signal the liver to start breaking down a substance called glycogen. This substance provides your muscles with your body’s primary fuel source: glucose.

  1. Improves Your Eyesight

When you practice shooting, this won’t necessarily fix any deficiencies you may have in your eyes. However, it can boost your eye’s existing capabilities.

In fact, when you shoot, you give your eyes the break they need from constantly staring at tablets, smartphones, TV, and computers. As a result, shooting can relieve your eye stress.

  1. Enhances Your Physical Balance

Another reason to go shooting is that it will enhance your physical balance.

When you shoot a gun at a target, this exercises your body’s core muscles, which promotes proper posture.

If the muscles in your abdomen are weak, your lower back will end up holding additional weight and pressure from simple tasks each day, such as walking. However, if you strengthen these muscles, your upper body’s weight will be distributed evenly over the back and front. This will improve your balance long term.

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