7 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference Wherever You Choose To Cruise


A while ago, when someone thought of cruises, they would automatically associate it with the Caribbean! This is because when cruises were first introduced, they usually took place around the Caribbean. Now, cruises can take place almost anywhere with so many different factors that you can change depending on your preferences. But why do people invest money in cruises in the first place? Think about it that way, you’d be going on a getaway in as many countries as you wish, you unpack only once, get all your meals done for you and some onboard entertainment would be offered as well! Your dream holiday is achieved with one of these cruises. However there are a few differences you can alter to get the best cruise out there.

Here are 7 little changes we recommend you consider!

1. The Balance of Quality & Quantity

Here, we’ll be considering quality as the cruise quality and quantity as the money value you’re willing to pay. With cruises, you’ll almost never pay for nothing. What you put a huge sum of money in will be given back in the perfect cruise offered. Discover Celebrity’s 2019 sailings to find the best service offered in terms of quality. A minor change in your budget can cost you a major quality boost.

2. Ship Size

Genuine and cultural experiences can be gained with larger sized ships. You can experience the true cruise experience with a larger size because more cruise lines offer shore excursions. Don’t get overwhelmed by a bigger size-ship, you can actually get exposed to more people, quality entertainment and more services on deck!

3. Early Booking

Don’t underestimate the time of booking you choose. It’s never too early to book a cruise. With most cruises out there, the earlier booking the better! So for international cruises, your best deal would be from six to twelve months before the cruise date. For local cruises, three to six months in advance would be the average time. A slight lateness in booking can cost a lot, especially if you’re booking for the whole family.

4. To Bring The Family Or Not?

The biggest mass-market ships tend to be altered for a family trip. However, if you’re looking at a cruise as a ‘getaway’ perspective. We recommend you take it alone. You’ll be able to spend more on a solo quality cruise, and still cut off on some costs.

5. How Important is Entertainment for You?

This highly depends on the previous point, whether you’ll be bringing your family with you or not, and if there are kids or not. Some ships offer large theaters on deck to present Broadway shows. Others have pools on deck. Know what type of entertainment you want to and alter your wanted cruise to it, you might cut on major costs as well because of this change.

6. Prioritize Flexibility

Look for ships that offer flexibility rather than a rigid agenda that limits you from doing your own thing. Take the time to absorb the local culture and natural scenery in the stops you have. You don’t have to take tours in the ports the organizers offer only. Organize your own thing!

7. Food? Yum!

With a well-off budget paid on a cruise, you get the same level of culinary service you’d find in a five star hotel! Maybe even better. Don’t stop yourself from getting the best dining experience at sea. Some allow you to visit farmers, chefs and local producers!

Sail Away..

So let yourself experience a unique journey. Keep in mind that these small changes can totally change your cruise experience no matter where it is. They say selecting a cruise is more complicated than selecting a hotel to stay at, and we agree! But the fun you can have on a cruise is never the same as one on-land, so take this opportunity, and sail away!


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