7 Tips to Fight with Coronavirus


COVID-19 is an ailment caused by the new shear of the coronavirus. ‘CO’ for corona, ‘VI’ means virus & ‘D’ is a disease. Earlier on, this ailment was compromised to as ‘2k19 novel corona virus or ‘2019-nCOV. Afterward, it was said it is a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). Initially, it was compared to regular flu ongoing nine-year; it appeared its ugly face after research showed that it is a fatal ailment. It had embezzled the abundance of lives of people.

Recently the third wave of covid-19 is devouring the population of Earth. To save the lives of our beloved and harmonious ones, we should take multiple steps to fight this pandemic until it seeks its burrow. Now, covid-19’s vaccines have been disturbed among nations, and it is being vaccinated. Until our number comes for vaccination, we should take some precautious tips to save our families and ourselves from this jeopardizing situation. We should take the following tips to fend off the spread of COVID-19:

1. Clean your Hands Often

We should clean our hands frequently. It is better not to shake hands with anyone, but we can shake elbows to elbows to prevent virus spread if it is necessary. We should not touch any useless thing. If it is essential to have that thing, then we can wear gloves and then take it. After doing all the work, we should clean our hand with a sanitizer, soap with water or an alcohol-based hand rub that purify our hands. Hands should be washed for 20 seconds. It is also mandatory to clean our hands whenever we touch anything.

2. Social Distancing

We should maintain a safe social distance from anyone who has cough, flu, or sneezing. One meter long distance is a must for every individual to apply. Any advice for a public member is that they strongly reduce social activities and contact to protect each other. Minimize large gatherings and trips, and do not be an extrovert in this virus. Use serving utensils and avoid crowded places where thousands of people are available. Minimize the time you are in the food courts, bars, restaurants, and public bathrooms especially. If you are boarding for anywhere, use an empty and lonely place at the airport and avoid large gatherings there too.

3. Wear Mask

We should avoid public gatherings and crowded places, but if it is impossible to avoid these things, we should use the Mask. Mask has an abundance of layers. Mask N95, N5, Airinum Lite Air Mask, and others have filtered by the side, purifying our oxygen and filtering it than eliminating it. To wear a mask in all public habitations (comes or outs) is mandatory. We should use it properly, including hand hygiene before wearing and after an untiring mask. It helps not only us but also those who are wandering around us. Using a mask is no sign of illness; we can use a mask even if we do not feel sick.

4. Maintenance of Immune System

Only younger can survive that neither elderly aged nor children is why it is being said that elders and children are prevented from going outside. Vitamin C is indeed for the immune system to conserve it. Vitamin C comes from acetic, sour fruits like lemon, orange, etc. That vitamin strengthens the system and helps in the excretion of waste. So, it will be helpful for us to maintain our immune system to save ourselves from this endanger. Strengthen your immune system by avoiding alcohol and taking professional rehab help if you have succumbed to it.

5. Seek Early Medical Consultation

Members of the family are advised to seek medical advice immediately when anyone feels amid chaos, even if having deficient symptoms only). The Department of Health gives free testing services of COVID-19 for governmental and private doctors. General outpatient clinics also continued the distribution of specific packets without the need to check doctors. If we did not take at an early stage for this strain, we could be the murderer of our own lives. Once we can have normal sneezes, then flu after then, disturbance in inhaling and exhaling next stage comes that our tongue becomes tasteless. When it becomes test-less, it is the last stage of the ailment. Before these all we should consult to doctor for the mild symptoms shown.

6. Isolation

We should isolate ourselves before anything happens to us. Isolating is the term where we capture our self in a place of abode. If we feel anything is happing after consulting the doctor, we keep ourselves in a room for fifteen days. In this duration, we can see that covid is positive or negative. If we do it early, it will be healed in just the blink of an eye. Everyone should stay home if they feel unwell. Doing as like not only we can remain safe but also our beloved will remain safe too. Staying in a room, we can explore more things and know about things. The time will tide, and knowledge will increase with isolation.

7. Protect the elderly and children

The government intimately impels the elders & kids to stay home in advance possible and avoid crowded habitations. The COVID-19 immediately devours children and elders. So, it precautious for everyone, if anyone intends to save their beloved and dear ones. Then they should keep their elders and older in-home or where their people would be in low amount. They should think about interrogating their members and colleagues to help with everyday challenges such as shopping and buying their essentials. Their family members will leave no stones unturned to save their beloved, and they will shop and buy everything for them.

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