9 Desirable Jobs You Can Do From Home in 2021


Working from home has become the new normal since the pandemic forced us into our homes. Some of us have adapted to the newer model, some of us are still struggling to. Finding the best career avenues to make the most from the ‘Work from home’ days is something that every other person is looking for. If you are tired of your existing job, or simply want a job from the safety of your home, these are the ten best jobs that you should explore in 2021!

UX Designer

UX designer or a User Experience Designer is a very crucial role in the age of digitization. A UX designer, not to be confused with a UI Designer, is solely responsible for how the end-user will interact with the website or app, and make it easily navigable, resourceful and eliminate any unnecessary steps. As a freelance UX Designer, you can explore more opportunities than you can in a typical job. Whilst a job guarantees security, freelancing allows you to diversify your experience portfolio and get tangible results without having to wait. Discover your business potential to the fullest from your home!

Website Designer

Websites are being designed now more than ever and it is a great opportunity to hop on the bandwagon. Website design is a much simpler process now than it was a decade back. Using free website templates, you can design websites with ease! If you understand basics of coding, HTML, JavaScript, you have an advantage. However, you don’t need those skills to be a web designer. You can use one of the many drag-and-drop website builders available online to design websites.

Content Writer

There is always a great content writer behind every successful creative! If you are good with words and can make them dance to your tunes, explore the avenue of content writing or technical writing. Content creation needs to be done throughout various creatives across all industries. Website content, blog content, and social media content are some of the most popular ones. If you want to know how to become a technical writer, there are trusted sources that can help you online. So, if you have a knack for writing and making it commercially viable, then this job is made for you!

Social Media Marketer

In the age of digitization, the need for social media marketing has influenced its demand beyond the ordinary. Having a social media presence is now mandatory for all businesses big and small. And this in turn brings a greater opportunity for Social Media Marketers. A social media marketer achieves desired KPIs through a process of content creation and promotion through various social media platforms. They must also monitor the performance, study analytics, and design a digital marketing strategy that will get results.

Graphic Designer

Graphic design is a basic must-have when it comes to marketing requirements. No matter which marketing collateral, it always requires aesthetic visuals to accompany the content. Graphic design is a creative field that requires a combination of software skills and the power of imagination. There is no ceiling to what you can earn if you can help people with website designs, logo designs, social media creatives, and many more.

Video Editor

The creation and consumption of video content has drastically gone up. With platforms like Youtube and TikTok gaining popularity, the scope of content production has widened. This calls for a requirement for content editing. The basic requirements of a video editor are having the right equipment, software, and skills. Creativity and style also play a great role in shaping the career of a video editor. The more you practise, the better you can get at it. And the best part? You can freelance from your home!

Online Mentor

A lot of people are seeking guidance in some area of their life. It can be academic, professional or in their day-to-day life. If you specialise in any subject or can be categorised as an expert through your experience, then you can consider being an online mentor. Accessibility to video calling software and virtual connectivity has enhanced the process of e-learning. You can choose to tutor a student living hundreds of miles away from you or teach guitar to someone living across the city, all from the comfort of your home!

Virtual Assistant

A lot of corporates have still not resumed working in the office at 100% capacity. In fact, a lot of them are still functioning with a work from home model. This leaves a gap when it comes to getting administrative work done. And this is exactly where virtual Assistants fit in the corporate structure. Virtual Assistants are individuals working to assist their clients remotely with varying levels of organisational, administrative and technical tasks. From organising calendars to responding to emails, virtual assistants can be delegated or outsourced any day-to-day services.


If you are multilingual or understand more than one language and can fluently speak, write and translate from one to the other, you can become a translator. Translation is required for various purposes, including but not limited to books, international conversations and even subtitles. All you need to become a translator is language skills and a way to connect with your clients!

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