9 Essential Tips for League of Legends Beginners


Are you a fan of League of Legends? Just starting out as a player? Here are 9 essential tips for League of Legends beginners.

The majority of ranked players in League of Legends sit in Silver and Gold; 33% and 30%, respectively. This means that the proverbial “ELO Hell” is not Iron or event Bronze rankings. Beginners may find it hard to climb out of the bottom tiers for many reasons, some of them also buy boosting services like Boost Royal, but most of it is mastering the basics.

The jump from Unranked to Silver-tier isn’t as big as it seems. If you struggle to climb out of Iron or Bronze, then this guide is for you. We’ve gathered nine essential tips for League of Legends beginners can use to effectively “smurf” their way out of the bottom of the ladder.

1. Master Two Main Roles

Because there are so many champions with different mechanics, you should stick to, at most, 5 picks. If you want to climb, you need to know your roles. Pick two lanes, two roles, and champs you’re comfortable at filling those roles. Skilled Elo Boost will play on your account to get you to your desired rank as quickly as possible and with good stats to boost your level in League of Legends.

2. Use the Practice Tool

This tip is highly underutilized by beginners. It is seen as a waste of time for casuals, but it’s required to master champions. This is where you should test out combos, distances, and map ranges.

3. Don’t Get Toxic

This tip could easily fit at number one, but never let toxic behavior rub off on you. As soon as you go toxic, you’re going to lose sight of the big picture. Map awareness and macro play go out the window, which means more loses.

4. Play with a Buddy

This can help combat the number of bad team comps you’ll encounter. Find someone who you like to play with and duo ranked. A good jungler or support buddy can literally carry a team with 3 other duds from Iron to Plat.

5. Watch and Study Challengers

The only way you’ll play like a high-elo player is to learn from the best. Watch their gameplay, listen to their playcalling, and practice their builds.

6. Split-push More

Lower-ranked games generally fall into one of two categories: not enough team play or too many team fights. If you play a champ that has carry potential (basically every class that isn’t pure support), then you can turn the tides on your own by split-pushing.

7. Improve Your CS

Another overlooked part of carrying in LoL is CS’ing. Get better at last-hitting, denying the enemy-laner minions, and knowing when to shove or slow-push.

8. Boost Your ELO

If none of these tips are doing it for you, try experimenting with LoL ELO Boost services. Let’s face it, even the best players can struggle to win games if they’re 1v9 all the time. Casuals stink, so unless you’re a Challenger smurfing, drastic measures are a way out.

Learn to ward

In League of Legends, the biggest part of the map is fogged and doesn’t let you detect enemy champions around you. To spot the enemies, they should be in the visible part of the map or close to the stationary wards.

In Lol, they are a few different types of wards. Warding in the game is very important because with higher vision control the chance to win more games increases significantly.

It is essential all team members to learn to ward and how best to limit the opposing team`s vision.

Put These Tips for League of Legends to Use

Never play tilted on League of Legends, it’s not the end of the world if you go on a 5-10 game losing streak. The key is to improve and learn from each game. If your entire team is AFK or suiciding, work on your map control, steal objectives, and etc.

YouTube is filled with “Iron to Diamond” series, which prove that consistency and dedication pay off. You can also follow our blog for more tips for League of Legends like these.

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