A 3-Day Azad Kashmir Itinerary for Family Vacation


Greetings from one of Pakistan’s most picturesque and tranquil regions, Azad Kashmir. Azad Kashmir offers an ideal spot for your next family vacation when you want to unwind and revitalize. You’ll have a great stay thanks to the breathtaking valleys, sparkling rivers, and verdant mountains. With plenty of places to visit in Azad Kashmir, this 3-day schedule will help you get the best possible use of your vacation.

Day 1

During the initial day of your family’s adventure to Azad Kashmir, we will tour Muzaffarabad, the nation’s capital.

The Red Fort, a 17th-century fort constructed in 1646 by Mughal Emperor Akbar in 1646, will be our destination after a delicious breakfast. The fort gives amazing perspectives of the town and functioned as a military bastion against invasions. You may tour the historical structure and discover more about the area’s past.

We will next travel to Pir Chinasi, a mountain that is 2,900 meters high. Although the climb towards Pir Chinasi is difficult, the great view from there is worth it. You may capture beautiful pictures while taking in the expansive vista of the scenery in the area.

Thousands of people take to Pir Chinasi Shrine each year, another well-known holy location, which is another option.

After that, we’ll eat lunch at a nearby eatery before traveling into Neelum Valley. We’ll go to the Kutton Cascade, a stunning cascade framed by luscious green foliage. You may take beautiful pictures near the waterfall and go swimming in the refreshing water for a cool down.

We’ll check into the lodging within the valley then eat dinner to cap off the day.

Day 2

We will tour the lovely Neelum Valley today.

We will proceed to Ratti Gali Lake after breakfast. Magnificent mountains around the lake, which has clean water ideal for boating and even swimming in. The environment is perfect for trekking or hiking, and you may enjoy fishing in the lake.

After that, we’ll travel to the Shounter region, a rural region with breathtaking scenery. We’ll go to the Shounter Pass, a place that provides a stunning view of the surrounding mountains. You may also visit the adjacent villages to explore them and discover more about local customs and culture.

After eating lunch at a nearby eatery, we’ll return to the hotel amid the valley to unwind and enjoy supper.

Day 3

We are heading to Rawalakot, a stunning place within Azad Kashmir, during the final day of the tour.

We will travel to Banjosa Lake following breakfast, a lovely lake encircled by thick pine trees. The lake is great for boating plus fishing, and the area is lovely for a picnic.

The next stop on our itinerary is Toli Pir, which is a hill town at an elevation of 8,800 feet. The Toli Pir Shrine is a well-known religious location that is also accessible, and the sweeping view across the valley above it is stunning. You can discover the area’s natural splendor while exploring the trails around the hill station.

We will have lunch at a local restaurant and then head back to Muzaffarabad to conclude our trip. You can do some last-minute shopping in the city and buy souvenirs to remember your vacation in Azad Kashmir.

Why Is Azad Kashmir A Good Place To Take A Family Vacation?

Azad Kashmir represents a fantastic vacation spot for families looking for adventure, beautiful landscapes, an in-depth understanding of heritage and customs, and exquisite food. The area provides a distinctive fusion of beautiful landscapes, historical sites, and adventurous pursuits.

A few of the most famous spots that provide incredible panoramas of the natural world are Rawalakot along with the Neelum Valley. The residents are renowned for their friendliness and kindness, and the region boasts a deep cultural legacy.

The Red Fort is one among many historical landmarks that provide a glimpse into the history of the area. The area also provides a range of adventure sports, including boating, fishing, hiking, trekking, and camping.

With a rich and tasty cuisine that includes delicacies like Dum Aloo, Rogan Josh, & Kashmiri Chai, the food of Azad Kashmir can only be described as fantastic. A great method to become familiar with the local society and manner of living is via the cuisine.

Families desiring adventure, traditions, and scenic beauty can have an amazing holiday in Azad Kashmir.

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