A Beginner’s Guide To Understanding ATV Parts


Americans are highly passionate about motorsports, and the craze for All Terrain Vehicle racing has been increasing. The development of such cars can be traced to Japan in the 1960s by Honda for transporting goods over mountainous areas. However, these vehicles soon became an essential part of off-road races, and over the years, ATV racing has boomed in several countries, especially in America. You can find shops selling accessories and parts for ATV in a wide range if you seek accessories to enhance the performance of your vehicle.

All Terrain Vehicle is a motorized vehicle for off-roading. It contains handlebars instead of wheels and motorcycle-like seats. It includes more than two wheelsets and is primarily designed for a single passenger. ATVs operate on low-pressure tires. All Terrain Vehicles are manufactured to work on all terrains and have been used mainly for various functions, including farming, hunting, and recreational riding.

Suppose you own or plan to buy an ATV. In that case, it is essential to understand the primary components of the vehicle to learn about their working. Here is a guide on All Terrain Vehicle parts to understand their mechanics.

What Are The Different Parts?

In America, ATVs have become more than just an off-roading adventure. It has become a recreational activity for many. ATVs are potent vehicles, but understanding the different parts can take time and effort. Learning about the major components will help in times of need, especially if you purchase accessories and parts for ATV to customize and enhance your vehicle.


All Terrain Vehicle engines are of two types – two-stroke and four-stroke. A two-stroke engine offers a more power-to-weight ratio, while a four-stroke can be easily maintained, reliable, and found in most modern designs. Engines can also come in cylinder versions of 100-800cc power.

Exhaust System

The exhaust system is present under the vehicle’s body. It safeguards the rider from the heat that is built during driving. You can also switch the exhaust for extra horsepower.


These vehicles use handlebars instead of wheels for steering. You can twist the handlebars’ grip to boost the throttle. Handlebars also come with a lot of controls. Light and ignition buttons are present here as well as the front brakes and clutch for driving.

Protective Bars

Protective bars differ depending on your purchased vehicle. But protective bars are usually in the front, side, and rear. These bars protect the car in cases of collision. Usually, chain guards are associated with protective bars to provide additional protection and safety.


Suspension helps cushion the body and wheel when it impacts the ground. In the absence of suspensions, it will be a very bumpy ride. Each wheel contains individual suspension units and should be changed periodically to maintain the optimum functioning of the vehicles. These units can be adjusted quickly and be tuned to provide more or less pressure as required.


Most modern ones include continuously variable automatic transmissions (CVAT). It is linked to the engine and determines the speed, weight, and effort required depending on the task.


Its wheels provide a significant advantage over other vehicles. It helps in gripping the trails and allows driving over rough terrains. Wheels are usually vast and chunky and are determined by measuring diameter, offset, and width. Measuring the wheels is a complex task. You have to take various measurements while choosing new tires and wheels.


An ATV requires proper servicing and maintenance for optimum functioning. Make sure you perform regular oil changes and check whether the handlebars, air filters, tires, bolts, and nuts are in perfect working condition. If you purchase new ATV parts to replace the old ones, make sure the purchases are made from verified and trusted sources.

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