A Complete Guide to Acrow Props

Despite their small size, Acrow props have had a profound effect on the construction industry globally.

Our focus in this article is on the details of Acrow props, and how they are used in support systems. The benefits of these props include the ability to support large structures, alongside being labor and material-saving.

What is an Acrow Prop?

A temporary and adjustable form of vertical load-bearing support, the Acrow Prop provides a simple means to support temporary structures. Moreover, it is often used to shore up buildings during their repair.

Acrow props were first introduced by William de Vigier in 1935 and his main purpose was to bring a cheaper yet flexible alternative to other forms of construction support. These days, Acrow props are widely utilized on construction sites throughout the world.

Working of Acrow Prop

Various acorn props exist, but they generally include the telescopic tubes with inner tubes that are sealed using welded top and base plates that are welded as well.

It also incorporates a pin system that fixes the tubes when they reach the desired length.

The tubes can be fine-tuned in length using an external thread to remove the pins that lock them in place.

Acrow props are redesigned to use two threaded pipes instead of the tubes, which slide in and out of each other. Those relying on pin mechanisms could also adjust themselves using clamps or ratchets.

Advantages of Acrow Props

Versatility: Acrow props provide temporary support for a variety of other tasks, including falsework support.

Simplicity: Acrow props are not complex at all. It usually takes three simple steps to install them.

Flexibility: With two systems of adjustment available with Acrow props, the system is highly flexible and allows fine-tuning to be achieved. Acrow props weigh only 13kg, which means that even a single person can carry them around easily.

Size-based Acrow Props:

Acrow props are available in five different sizes starting from size 0, which is approximately 1050mm in length to 1850mm in width.

The last size is size 4, which is considerably more than 4900mm in height.

What is the maximum weight Acrow prop can support?

It is possible to apply up to 42.5kN axial compression load to Acrow props.

Acrow’s maximum weight capacity is around 1300kg.

An effective tool for reducing costs

It’s no secret that construction comes with its own challenges. However, hiring a fleet of well-maintained and well-installed equipment ensures that those hazards are greatly reduced.

Acrow prop is one of the few tools that are ingeniously designed to have a strong grasp while not being extremely heavy.

Hence, not just the structures are correctly supported because of this but a lot of time and energy can also be preserved.

Where and How Do I Hire An Acrow Prop?

Below are a few things you may want to bear in mind before you make a purchase decision:

  • Value for money;
  • After-sales service;
  • Timely delivery;
  • Availability

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