A Guide on the Most Popular Cannabis Strains

When it comes to the cannabis plant, there are several things you should understand. Keep reading to learn more about the most popular cannabis strains.

The role of cannabis in our society has changed dramatically over the past few years—moving from a jail-time-worthy drug to a huge national industry. At the current moment, the American cannabis industry is valued at over $30 billion dollars.

All that change is enough to give anyone whiplash, and you may feel as if you need some time to catch up with the world of cannabis. If you’re new to cannabis consumption, you may be curious about what your purchasing options really are.

What are the most popular cannabis strains? Understanding which strains are most popular can help you feel more equipped when you purchasing legal cannabis products in your area. What do you need to know?  You can also check out dc magic mushroom delivery as well.

Read on and we’ll walk you through the basics.

Blue Dream

As far as cannabis strains go, there are few more well-known and beloved than this classic pot option. Blue Dream has been around for a long time and has had many avid fans from far before weed was legal to consume.

What makes Blue Dream so great? It’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid that originates from the great state of California. The main reason that Blue Dream has remained so famous is that the THC content of the product can reach levels as high as 18%.

That’s quite a buzz, and this strain is many people’s choice for quick, social use. Many users even report feeling productive after a little bit of Blue Dream in their system.

It’s a great choice to have rolled up in a joint or cannabis cigar. You can click for a cannagar if you’re interested in getting the perfect Blue Dream experience.

Strawberry Cough

Looking for something a little sweet when looking for a high? One of the more popular and potent types of cannabis is the strawberry cough. This is a Sativa strain that is famous for its fruity taste and earthy tone.

In addition to providing a relaxing and enjoyable taste, you can count on Strawberry Cough to help relax both your body and mind. There’s a sense of bubbliness and happiness that is often associated with this strain, and it’s why many people use it during a relaxing time at home.  Be sure to check out options to buy Neau Tropics.

Strawberry Cough is also easy to find due to its popularity.

White Widow

This ultra-famous cannabis strain comes from the Netherlands but has become a favorite of cannabis fans worldwide.

White Widow is often used to help relieve pain or discomfort, and part of its fame is due to its use for legal medicinal purposes for many years.

However, it’s also a great choice for recreational users as well. It helps to push away stress, depression, and disassociation and relaxes the body. It’s extremely helpful to people in all sorts of situations and from all sorts of backgrounds.

It’s well worth looking into if you’re considering a new strain to try.

The Most Popular Cannabis Strains

If you’re looking to try newly legal cannabis products for the first time, you may need some help to determine what’s worth trying.

Why not go with what’s been proven to be a hit among many? The above are a few of the most popular cannabis strains out there and will be worth an investment no matter your level of experience.

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