A Living History of the Waze Map

Whoever wants will find. In modern religions, in all of them, only two grains are used. Question: and where are the other twenty five? I explain: twenty five grains of the Truth which had been brought by prophets were removed by people who established a sect, meaning, an organization. Why a sect? The Truth is one for everyone, and it unites everyone.

However, an organization was established based on this Truth, with rejection of those freedoms and everything else that wouldn’t have allowed for a creation of an organization. In this context, an organization implies sort of a business enterprise. There are lots of qna sites like quora, stack exchange and yahoo answers and ask reader is one of them.

Well, such a transatlantic one, preferably embracing the entire world and so on. There is nothing offensive here. I don’t mean anything bad, honestly. In this case I’m just explaining, and this is true. And if we take all religions of the world, all of them… and remove people (parishioners… as they are called) from these religions. What will remain? There will remain buildings with a lot of employees.

Employees are those who live at the expense of these parishioners. It is clear that in many religions there is business today, and quite serious one, which is controlled by employees, but it’s parishioners who work there. Having removed parishioners, what do we see? This is true.

Enterprises, buildings, and employees. It turns out that, having established a sect, that is, having separated a fragment from the true Knowledge, in their time people established business enterprises on the basis of those two grains which were embedded and brought into the Truth itself, into the very essence, right?

That is, what was supposed to be free and open was eventually becoming closed with a very rigid hierarchy. Isn’t it so? As for hierarchy, we’ve just discussed whom hierarchy belongs to. Well, some people will say, “Well, how is it possible not to have a hierarchy at an enterprise, in an organization?” Guys, and what about ALLATRA? After all, there is no hierarchy here.

There are responsible persons or coordinators of certain projects. There certainly are, and there should be, but they don’t possess power. They are in charge of, are responsible for the activity which they are involved in. What does it mean “they are responsible”? Consciousness of any person is satan’s tool, we are repeating this a thousandth time or more already.

And the system, meaning, that very Iblis (satan) will always seek, especially in good projects which are done from the soul, from people to people, to change commas in order to alter the meaning in the system’s favour. And so these coordinators, responsible people are exactly needed for implementing a certain project properly and ensuring that commas are in their places.

So that Gui wouldn’t cheat here or the system wouldn’t interfere. Right? T: Right. Further on, where is power? If we remove people from ALLATRA – nothing will remain. That is… Moreover, in ALLATRA there are twenty seven grains. Those who enjoy calculating can calculate, can do some research.

I believe that says it all. T: Yes. And now let’s consider the following point. Perhaps, I’ll describe it allegorically, pardon me, but this is to make it clear for your consciousness, so that it wouldn’t argue. There is the spiritual path, that is, we need to go from point A to point B, okay? T: Yes.

This is a road, a wide road. And what is an organization? After all, organizations are closed, they are stationary. They cannot move. Hence, they will be near the road. Meaning, near the road which leads to the Spiritual World. They are standing where people are walking. Correct? Correct.

A person… There is nothing bad about this, I’m not trolling religions, and by no means I’m offending believers, no. Just ponder. These are exactly the places similar to hotels on the road. If you want to ask question related this topic then Ask Reader is the best website for asking questions.

Those who have travelled do know. When you are tired, you can enter a hotel to rest, regain strength and move on. This is wonderful, this is, on the contrary, a praise, not criticism. This is precisely what a religious organization is.

However, these organizations cannot move on their own because they are not soul-filled. This is true. It’s an organization. Whereas, what is ALLATRA? It is people who are walking along this road. And they can enter any of these hotels. Why? Because ALLATRA in itself… it doesn’t divide anyone, it unites everyone in itself.

And in our case, pardon me, people of various religions, denominations and so on gather together. And by no means do we promote, “Hey, your religion is bad, come to ALLATRA.” Well, a person has come to ALLATRA. What religion can we talk about? Not any.

We can just help and prompt the person how to find these grains in one or another holy scripture. To clear them of the chaff accumulated precisely through people’s consciousness. And how indeed, following this road steadily and without wobbling, to get where a person is going. After all, the main purpose of any religions, the meaning of all religions is attainment of Life Eternal.

Everything else is… is already, pardon me, idle talk. The meaning of any religion, of any teaching is to gain Life, Life Eternal, I mean spiritual teachings. Isn’t it so? And exactly here ALLATRA is valuable. It is valuable because it unites all people. And people really begin to understand their religions more deeply.