Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring a Private Label Manufacturer


Though every business can produce its goods alone, it is tough for most to bear the cost of setting up and managing a plant.

Besides, the food business needs timely production and utilization of raw material before it rots in the storage facility.

That is why food businesses trust a white label products manufacturer to do the job. Private or white label companies produce, pack, and supply the goods to retailers who can sell them under their brand name.

Today, we have prepared a detailed description of private label manufacturers for you. On that note, let’s go over 3 advantages and disadvantages of hiring PLMs:


1. You are in control

Though many argue that hiring a label manufacturer for production can put you in the driver’s seat, let us tell you that PLMs allows you to decide the shape, size, color, and ingredients of your food products.

PLMs work according to your demands. They manufacture everything according to the predetermined guidelines given by you. Thus, keeping you in control.

2. You can earn more profits

Hiring skilled staff and setting up a production unit can significantly affect your annual profits.

Staff salaries, maintenance of existing machinery, and paying the rent will all become a permanent feature of your balance sheet’s liability column.

That is why hiring a private label company at a significantly lower expense is best. You will be free from employee, resource, and plant management.

3. You can switch between manufacturers easily

If you want to tone down your business or reduce your expenses, you can always ask your manufacturer to decrease the production of your product. That way, you can curb your expenses quickly.

But curbing your expenses within your plant would mean mass layoffs. And that will be challenging. Moreover, laying off employees for no reason also hampers your reputation.


1. Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of the biggest reasons businesses choose private label manufacturers.

Reputed manufacturers are trusted by the brand and have become household names among many.

Therefore, your customer base may get shaken when you choose to disassociate from them and switch to a different manufacturer. In other words, they may not like the product of your new manufacturer.

2. The problem of minimum order quantity

PLMs cater to a range of businesses. Therefore, they need a minimum quantity of orders to start their operation.

Now, if you are a startup, you may need help paying for a heavy order quantity. In that case, PLMs are not a feasible option for you.

However, we recommend you call them and see if they have any plans to offer for your profitable business.

3. Dead inventory

Startup owners have yet to learn about the exact quantities they will be able to sell. Only after a quarter or two of being in business do they know how much they need to produce at a point.

Therefore, a high quantity of produce also results in many unsold or dead inventories. And, given that food products are perishable, they are rendered useless after a point.

To Conclude- Should you hire them?

After going through the pros and cons, it is safe to assume that hiring a private label company would bring in a lot of profits in the long run.

With them by your side, you no longer have to worry about manufacturing or packing expenses. They will quickly ship the high-quality final product and help you meet your customer’s needs.

However, it is best to assess your customer base before hiring a label manufacturer if you are a startup.

So, contact BLMs today for a no-obligation quote.

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