Affordable Decor Hacks To Make Your Home Feel New Again


Homes are very loved and lived in, and too often they show signs of wear and tear very quickly. It can cost you a small fortune to keep your home looking fresh and new, so adopt these hacks that will save you both time and money. Adopting hacks will ensure that your home looks photo-ready at any time.

Stick With The Tried And Tested

Dark colors and furniture can look lovely at first but keeping the paintwork touched up can be a nightmare, one small chip, and it becomes more noticeable than you think. To keep your home looking fresh and new it is wise to use tried and tested decorating ideas. Keep to using calm, warm, and neutral tones which lighten and instantly freshen up any room. White paint is very cheap to buy, and you can always keep a tub for any touch-ups you want to do. Having paint colors mixed up can be lovely but unfortunately, if you run out of the paint, or it dries up then you can have problems matching it.

Focus On Soft Furnishings

Decorating is also about what you put into rooms within your home. For example, adding new scatter cushions, or a new throw can transform an outdated and possibly even bland room. If you are decorating on a budget then you can even look at making your soft furnishings and accessories. New accessories and items can lift any room and so you mustn’t underestimate the importance of using and integrating accessories.

Create A Feature Wall

Decorating whole rooms can be time-consuming and very costly, so why not focus on just decorating one feature wall. Using a standalone color or using a feature wallpaper can change how a room feels and looks in just a few hours. If you want to create a wall that attracts and draws attention then why not use a bright color, or use statement pieces of art, or even designer-inspired multi photo frames. A feature wall will be a focal point for any room no matter its shape or size.

Make Use Of Thrift Stores

Reclaimed items, thrift store finds and second-hand bargains can all be integrated into your space. When you add preloved items into your home you are telling a story (and cheaply too). Standout items, clashing pieces, and even repainted items can all help ensure that your home can have a new vibe and feel without the hefty price tag to match. Look online and offline at selling sites to find those pieces that make you say wow.

Affordable Decor Hacks To Make Your Home Feel New Again

Giving your home a mini-makeover every few months will keep your home looking new and feeling fresh, even if you have children running around. Using quick-to-dry and wipeable paints on walls and other surfaces will ensure that they can be scrubbed and cleaned as and when needed. Your home is not a showroom it is loved and lived in and this is important to remember. Keep it tidy, clutter-free, and clean by doing a little bit every day to ensure you keep on top of all your jobs and chores.

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