All Eyes on You: How to Grow Your Site With Natural SEO in 2021

More than 90% of all searches on the internet go through Google or one of its platforms like YouTube. That’s why if you want to build a site that’s going to rank well on the internet, you need to learn to use natural SEO to your advantage.

SEO (search engine optimization) is a field that is always growing and evolving. There are dozens of tiny tweaks you can use to boost your performance. But when you’re just starting, make sure you master these core concepts.

Write Good Content

Updates happen in the Google algorithm all the time – close to 1000 every year! Despite that, the goal of these updates is always to do the same thing: rank high-quality content by reputable sources well.

So when you write a piece of content, make it as useful and practical to your readers as possible. If you can, do high-quality research. This is a great way to build links, which is another vital part of SEO.

And don’t be afraid to brag a little to let your readers know why you’re an authority on the topic. You may be writing from personal experience, or as a leader in your industry with years in the workforce.

Be helpful. Write good content. Be authoritative.  Don’t fall for crazy fads and do it right!

Don’t Ignore Keywords

There are tons of online resources that can help you find the right keywords for your article. When you take the time to understand keyword research, you’re more likely to create content that ranks well on Google.

Keyword research helps you understand the exact language your readers are using to look for something. When you use that same language, your readers can find you more easily.

Google is getting “smarter” every year and can more easily understand natural language and find what people are looking for. So write for your readers, not for the algorithm.

Build a Good Link Profile

Links work like a vote on the internet. They say, “I think this guy has great content, so I”m going to recommend other people read this article too.”

Throughout the internet’s history, people have learned to manipulate the algorithm. People try to find out why it ranks some things better than others. People figured out how to get backlinks in inauthentic ways.

They would buy links or be part of linking groups that would link to each other, no matter the content of the quality.

Since then, Google has cracked down on most of these practices, and it’s better than ever at spotting real backlinks from fake backlinks. But linking is still a vital part of building your site’s SEO, so take time to learn to build quality backlinks to your site.

Natural SEO Is the Best Way to Boost Your Site’s Ranking

Google’s algorithm is always changing. But the core of good SEO practices has been the same for years. Write good content, don’t ignore keywords, and work on building a high-quality backlink profile.

But if you want to dive deep into natural SEO, consider speaking with an SEO consultant, or hiring someone in house to keep an eye on your site’s SEO.

We’re here to spur your creativity, help you think, and bring you cool new ideas. Keep reading for more thought-provoking articles.