An Easy-to-use Converter: 4 Benefits You Can Acquire When Having a PDF Bear Online Tool

Many people claim that converting HTML files to PDF files is an arduous process, but I disagree with that kind of idea; the fact is, they’ve been missing one crucial thing when it comes to converting, and that’s finding a reliable and safe tool! Yes, that’s the hardest thing, Pal, but if you have the best tool in your hand, nothing can stop you from converting your files to PDFs!

By the way, before I drop the name of the best converter we prepared for you, let’s first discuss essential information of PDF. PDF is an abbreviated term for Portable Document Format. The man behind this great format is an American computer scientist, entrepreneur, and founding fathers of Adobe System Inc., Dr. John Edward Warnock.

PDF was first called a Camelot Project in the year 1991; the project’s objective was to allow everybody to take pictures of their files using other applications, share the documents without facing any hurdles to anywhere, and view and photocopy them using several machines. It was finally called as PDF a year later after it was launched.

That’s it for its background. Let’s now dive into our ultimate goal, which is knowing the best converter! A guaranteed tool we’ve prepared for you is the PDF Bear online tool. If you’re excited to know the advantages, just keep reading and scrolling until the end!

Handy-dandy Tool

If you’re searching for a handy-dandy HTML to PDF converter, PDF Bear is probably the best one that suits you. When it comes to process, no sweat, Pal! Just a few clicks and the files you want are already converted!

Firstly, you need to prepare the URL of the HTML file you need to convert; if you already prepared the URL, copy, and paste it in the box provided at the center. After pasting the URL, hit the Convert to PDF button to immediately start the conversion. Once the conversion is ended, you can finally download the converted document to your device. What a handy-dandy tool indeed!

Privacy and Safety of the Users are Their Priority

PDF Bear online tool always looks for their users’ privacy and safety. One fantastic move to prove that they’re really after your safety and have tight security is deleting copied and pasted URLs on their website after an hour from the time of your transaction.

The Best Features Await if You Subscribe to PDF Bear Premium

Some features are amazingly advantageous to everyone who paid for a one- year or monthly subscription. The features are, you can do unending tasks with max files and huge document file sizes, have a limitless number of OCR tasks without risking your file’s quality even if you have it compressed.

By the way, the Compression feature has two choices: Strong and Medium compression, but both are beneficial to you. Last but not least, there will be no ads that keep on reappearing every now and then.

Can Be Accessed by Any Platform

The most annoying thing when using tools is its accessibility; gladly, PDF Bear can be accessed by any platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac. This is really great for those who want to convert HTML to PDFs instantly, right, Buddy?  Also be sure to check out options like unlock pdf as well.


Let’s not cloud our minds with the thought that everything is hard to achieve; things today are becoming easier day by day because of the great tools provided by technologies. There’s no such thing as unattainable, Buddy! It will be unattainable if you won’t make used to the great tools provided for you. If you want a smooth path when converting files, you must invest first in our PDF Bear online tool.