Animated Explainer Videos and Why They Are Important To Your Company


Video marketing has brought with it significant changes in the digital marketing sphere. With video being the most consumed type of content, companies that employ this marketing strategy have seen epic results when it comes to lead conversion. Needless to say, every business is looking to stand out, and videos have made this possible. 

Enter animated explainer videos!

There are different types of videos; screencast videos, motion-graphic videos, and typography videos among others. However, animated explainer videos have proven a vital asset for companies that are looking to double down on their marketing efforts. 

While these videos are short in nature, they are memorable. This is because they tell brand stories in the most distinct ways. Produced by animated explainer video companies, they are ideal for brands that find it hard to describe their service offerings in a clear and structured way.

The Importance of Animated Explainer Videos

As many business owners are looking to market their products successfully, they are willing to put their resources into just about anything that will bring in the revenue. Unfortunately, some of them spend thousands of dollars in marketing campaigns that do not offer any returns.

But you no longer need to dig deep inside your pocket. Did you know that animated explainer videos can give you the marketing momentum that you need? Here are a few reasons why these videos are important to your company:

  • High search engine rankings

If your website only contains blocks of texts that are accompanied by an unlimited number of images then it will not rank well in search engines. This will mean less exposure for your company. However, if you incorporate explainer videos, then search engines will commend your site for this and boost its ranking.

Additionally, the average amount of time that visitors spend on your page also affects your ranking. If they leave quickly then this will not favor your ranking. On the contrary, videos are known to captivate and communicate your brand message in minutes.

  • Higher rates of conversion

Not only will explainer videos encourage your site visitors to stick around. But they also help in lead conversion. According to research, 85% of consumers purchase products based on the videos that they see. Animated explainer videos will increase your rate of conversion. Apart from this, these videos showcase their number of views. This way, you can gauge user interest by keeping track of the products and services that your potential visitors are interested in.

  • Increased web traffic

“Going viral” is a term that is commonly used by internet users. Viral videos are those that obtain a larger viewership in the shortest amount of time. Well-produced animated explainer videos have been known to go viral and consequently increase web traffic.

The Bottomline

Animated explainer videos are all about showcasing your brand personality. When done in the right way, they will become your unique business identity. There is no better way to introduce and re-introduce your business than through animated explainer videos.

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