Are retirement homes the same as assisted living?


When choosing a place for your elderly relative or loved one to live, it is essential to make the right choice. You have two main options that include retirement homes and assisted living facilities. The two options are acutely different from each other with their own sets of pros and cons. Knowing the difference allows you to make an informed decision.

With that in mind, here is an unbiased review of the critical differences and facts about retirement homes and assisted living facilities.

About retirement homes

Retirement homes provide simple housing options for the retirement generation and meet the general age requirement. The age required for a resident to be eligible for a retirement home is 55 years and older. Retirement homes usually consist of rooms or an apartment. The living areas will usually include a kitchen, multiple bathrooms, and bedrooms. If an adult prefers living alone, then retirement homes can also offer studio apartments that combine both bedroom and living areas in one space. If you need apartments for senior citizen then visit learn more about assisted living facilities.

Retirement homes can also have several high-end features depending on the cost-bracket you are looking at. Here are some of the features that you can expect at a luxury retirement home.

  • Pool
  • Gym
  • Sauna room
  • Steam room
  • High-end residence
  • Leisure activities and classes
  • Dog park for adults with pets
  • Walking paths within the community

One obvious disadvantage

When it comes to retirement homes, there is one significant disadvantage. There is no provision for healthcare services at this level of senior living and accommodation. Retirement communities usually consist of adults that live together in a closed society. The homes and the apartments are generally low maintenance. The service fee usually pays for the upkeep of the properties, yard maintenance, snow shoveling, trash removal, and other chores. Keep in mind that only non-disabled and independent seniors should apply for the retirement home option since the absence of medical personnel and supervision can be a problem for residents requiring daily care and medications.

Assisted living communities

Assisted living communities offer more care than retirement communities. Best assisted living facilities will provide more personalized care in a residential setting. Keep in mind these communities are perfect when your loved one requires 24-7 support and personnel for health and daily requirements. Assisted living communities also offer ample opportunities for social engagement that promote a healthy lifestyle for seniors. So, when choosing an assisted living facility, it is vital to consider all the features and amenities on offer.

Features on offer at assisted living facilities

Assisted living communities offer the following features.

  • Laundry
  • Transportation
  • Medication management
  • Activities and programs like yoga
  • 24/7 trained and experienced staff
  • Dining room/cafeteria or a food delivery service
  • Assistance for daily activities; bathroom use, grooming, and dressing

It is vital to remember that the center will perform thorough research regarding the prospective resident’s health and wellness status before he/she is accepted when it comes to assisted living facilities. The assessment is exceptionally crucial for developing a personalized health and wellness plan for your loved one.

The price

The price is quite obviously a vital part of your consideration. It would be best to remember that assisted living facilities would cost you more than retirement homes simply because of trained professionals’ better level of personalized care. Not just that, as the cost may vary depending on the location, state, and the amenities on offer at the assisted living facility of your choice. Though you cannot expect a nursing home type skilled facility, in all, you will find experienced professionals to take care of the daily medication and household needs around the living quarters.

It is vital to remember that since the state does not regulate assisted living facilities, government ratings are hard to come by. Still, there are state licenses that you can research through the websites before making a choice. Performing thorough research might be the critical difference between smooth sailing and unwelcome surprises.

In conclusion

Yes, there is a significant difference between retirement homes and assisted living facilities. Senior adults who are independent and fully capable of performing most of the daily chores and tend to their medication schedules have the option of retirement homes. Other adults who will require more help and care will do better in assisted living communities. If you have a loved one who values his/her independence but needs a bit of help with the daily tasks, then assisted living facilities will provide the best care and improve the quality of life. There are some excellent options available when it comes to assisted living communities that offer medical care, food, entertainment options, outdoor excursions, and much more. Make the right choice and gift your loved one a better life. All the best!

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