Are There Plumbers Who Work on Mobile Homes?


Just like any standard home, mobile homes have plumbing. And where there’s plumbing, there can be problems. When you get a clogged toilet or leaky pipes in a traditional site-built home, there’s a pretty standard procedure for getting it fixed. You visit the website of a local plumbing company like, tell them your problem, get a quote, agree to a deal and then sit back and wait for the plumber to come to fix the problem. Even though there are currently 380,000 Canadians who are living in mobile homes, it can be more difficult to find a competent plumber who is willing and able to work on one.

But what if you are having plumbing issues on your mobile home? Are there plumbers who work on mobile homes? Naturally, plumbers who have only ever worked on stationary homes, doing jobs like sewer line replacement, will not know the intricacies of a mobile home’s plumbing systems. Below we break down why plumbing is different on mobile homes and how you can get it repaired when problems surface.

Why is Mobile Home Plumbing Different?

If you’re anything like most people, you probably don’t spend too much time contemplating the difference between plumbing systems in a mobile home and plumbing systems in a site-built home. But, it doesn’t take too much mental effort to figure out that there are some pretty significant differences between them.

Since mobile homes aren’t permanent structures, the plumbing needs to have a unique design. Some materials are different, the location of the pipes is different, and drain venting has different orientations than typical stationary homes.

Location of Pipes

One of the main differences between plumbing in mobile homes and traditional homes is the location of the pipes. Standard site-built homes get their water from supply lines that come in from the walls, whereas in mobile homes, the water lines are under the house. The change in pipe locations makes it more difficult for plumbers who are used to working on site-built homes to perform routine jobs like waterline repairs or sewer line replacement.

Mobile Homes Have Unique Parts

Plumber at work

Plumbers who typically work on site-built homes have all the tools and parts they need in their van or toolbox, ready to go. Only in unique circumstances will they need to order a specific part to finish the job. But since mobile homes have a different setup, even if a plumber can figure out how to solve your problem, they may not have the proper equipment or parts to get it done. That is one of the main reasons some plumbers will refuse to work on mobile homes. It’s simply too much of a hassle to carry all the necessary equipment.

Will Any Plumbers Work On Mobile Homes?

The short answer is yes. Anywhere there is a market for plumbing services, someone will be able to provide it. But before you hire a plumber to fix any issues with the plumbing on a mobile home, ask them about their experience with mobile home plumbing systems.

Because the mobile home system is unique, you are more likely to receive competent service from a plumber with experience in this niche plumbing market. If your plumber is only used to working on stationary house’s water mains or doing sewer line replacements, it might be in your best interest to shop around for a different plumber for your mobile home.




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