Are You A Freelance Graphic Designer? Here Are Few Tips To Turn Your Instagram Handle Into The Perfect Resume


After working day and night to polish your graphic designing skills, you know you are ready to deliver exceptional work to clients. Graphic design is the most demanded creative skill in today’s marketing industry. If you have an astonishing portfolio and enough testimonials, you can easily land an opportunity worth thousands of dollars.

As a graphic designer, having sound knowledge of Social Media Marketing, it is known that it is the best channel to showcase your work and build an audience on the internet.

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for sharing appealing visual content. You can leverage the compelling features of Instagram and score high paying clients as a graphic designer.

Instagram is a fabulous platform for graphic designers to build an online portfolio and a massive audience. Follow the below-mentioned tips to create a compelling collection on Instagram.

Get A Professional Business Account

If you want to thrive as a graphic designer on Instagram, you need to have a business account in which you can measure and track your marketing efforts. Apart from the analytics, a business account offers many other advantages that help create a professional outlook.

If you are using a personal account on Instagram, shifting to a business account is easy and won’t cost you anything. Instagram also gives preference to business accounts when it comes to identifying creators.

Optimize Your Instagram Bio

It is critically important to have all the necessary details in your bio so that you don’t miss any potential opportunity. It gives people a quick summary of your work within seconds.

Instagram offers to include one link in your bio. You can provide a link to your website in your bio to look more credible. Make sure you provide your email or phone number as contact information where people can reach out to you.

Build an Appealing Cohesive Feed

A lot of marketing results depend on how you make your audience feel when they consume your content. There is a whole psychology behind using the right colors, fonts, and details in marketing material to drive desired results.

You can use three simple tips to add an aesthetic touch to your feed:

  1. Commit to your niche and share relevant content
  2. Choose a Color Palette
  3. Balance your grid with layouts

A cohesive feed can gain more and more followers on Instagram who love to share your content.

Share Original Content Consistently

The worst thing you can do on your Instagram is to post copied content. Not only will it damage your credibility as a graphic designer, but it can also lead to penalties related to copyright.

Many creators have claimed that creating original content every time requires a lot of effort. If you are a beginner on Instagram, you must focus on quality rather than the number of posts.

Make sure you stay consistent on Instagram so that your followers can engage with your content daily. Consistency is crucial in building a strong presence on every Social Media platform.

Use storytelling In Captions

When users land on an amusing post, they want to get to know you. Captions are a great tool to tell your story so that your followers can feel like they know you. Storytelling can do wonders for your marketing efforts.

Using a long caption where you show your struggle or experience builds trust and credibility. You can use multiple strategies while writing the captions for your posts. You can leave a question in the end or ask your followers to tag their friends who will feel good to see your post.

Share High-Quality Video Content

The video consumption habit of the internet user has changed drastically in recent years. People love to watch and share videos on the internet. Instagram allows you to post videos on your feed and in your stories.

You can create a lot of appealing videos using an Instagram video editor android. Android and iOS platforms support a lot of video editing apps that you can use on your phone along with the Instagram app.

You can also use a free video editor windows. Mac, Linux, and many more operating systems have their inbuilt video editor software that you can use.

Use Hashtags Smartly

Hashtags have immense potential in the marketing world. Brands use them in their campaigns to drive engagement and sales. You can also leverage the power of hashtags in your posts, but make sure you use only relevant hashtags and do not use too many of them.

Instagram uses hashtags to detect and remove fraudulent accounts that gain popularity on the platform, so it is crucial to use only a few relevant hashtags for your posts.

Collaborate with Other Designers

You can use Instagram to build your community by collaborating with fellow designers. Collaboration is a win-win situation for artists as it helps them to get into the light and promote their content on the platform. Reaching out to fellow designers shows your commitment to your niche and willingness to work together.

You can start by trying to get featured on the pages that showcase artistic work by graphic designers. It will help you get some attention from other designers, and you may score a collaboration opportunity.  Also consider great options like clipping path as well.

Manage your results with analytics

When you are putting in all your efforts to succeed on Instagram, avoiding analytics is a foolish move. Without tapping into numbers, you will never know about the scope of improvement. Instagram analytics provide a lot of features that help you understand the result of your effort more precisely.

You get a lot of insights on particular metrics that can be helpful while planning your next posts.


These are some tips for graphic designers to succeed at Instagram marketing. Instagram is a great platform to create and consume the best visual content.

The freelance graphic designers are earning a lot of money, and you can also stay consistent in sharing original visual content that people love to see. Do proper research and learn how to market your skills to get the best opportunities.

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