Auto Insurance Tips for Military Personnel & Families


Investing in an auto insurance policy can help to protect your finances. Unfortunately, accidents can happen, and if you are at fault the costs can be high. When you have the right policy it will cover these expenses and help you get back on the road sooner.

Your circumstances will determine what type of auto insurance you need. For military personnel and families, a customizable solution can reduce the cost of premiums and ensure your vehicle is protected.

At Home or Away

Did you know there are insurance companies that will give you a discount when your car is in storage? If you are away on assignment and your vehicle is not in use, you can take advantage of the lower premiums. For example, USAA offers a massive 60 percent fee reduction for cars placed in storage.

For those who use their vehicle on an irregular basis or only travel short distances, plans can be discounted based on yearly mileage.

Discounts for Families and Military Personnel

There may be further discounts for families and military personnel. If multiple members of your family are using the same insurance provider, you should mention this to ensure you get the best deal.

You may be able to reduce the cost further by participating in a defensive driving course and avoiding accidents over time. For families with children who are ready to buy their first car, you can encourage them to be a good student and enroll in a driver training program. This can enhance their skills and reduce the cost of premiums.

A Range of Auto Insurance Options

Auto insurance plans can be tailored to suit your driving habits and the value of your vehicle. People who only want the bare minimum can choose basic liability coverage. This can be a legal requirement for car owners and covers expenses if you are at fault.

Comprehensive auto insurance is a popular option. It protects you financially for different events including accidents, hail, fire or theft. You should read the fine print before signing up for a comprehensive policy as coverage can vary slightly between plans.

Additional Extras

Military personnel and families who share their vehicles with others may like to invest in personal protection injury, disability benefits, and uninsured and underinsured insurance. These extras will protect you and your passengers from the financial burden that is associated with an accident.

Roadside assistance might be available with your policy. This is something worth investing in if you aren’t mechanically minded. Assistance with a flat tire, small repairs, battery charging and alternative transport are just a few benefits of this service. You may also have access to free rental car hire, but you should check this with your insurance provider.

Collision coverage protects you financially in the case of a car rollover.

The Wrap Up

The process of choosing auto insurance isn’t straightforward. Flexible options and extras may seem complicated, but these choices ensure you get the right coverage for your lifestyle.

Military personnel and families can take advantage of dedicated discounts, and if you place your car in storage it can reduce the cost even further. Remember to choose a reputable insurance company to take advantage of fast claims and help when you need it. No matter how often you drive, it is important to get your insurance right.

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