Bali Vacation Tips For First Time Visitor


We all want an unforgettable vacation where we get to see and experience new things, right? And when you visit Bali, a picturesque island in Indonesia, you’re able to get all of that and more. Just think of waking up in the morning and having a yoga session on your balcony facing the blue ocean while sipping your hot cup of turmeric tea.

Your mind is seriously blown away at this point. My point is there is so much to do in Bali which makes it really hard for visitors who are first-timers to plan their itinerary. Sure, with tons of stuff going on it might seem like a daunting task but I’m here to help you with that.

Bali, Indonesia is a beautiful island that attracts a lot of tourists each year. Many people want to visit this island, but they are unsure how to prepare for their vacation. The following article contains helpful advice and tips that will help make your bali trip a success.

Trip Planning

1. Make sure you plan your trip well in advance. If you visit the island during the high season then it may be hard to find a room. Booking rooms is recommended as soon as possible.

2.The currency of Bali is the rupiah (Rp). It can be exchanged at banks or exchange bureaux located throughout the island. You can use Visa and MasterCard at most locations. Some places will take American Express on special occasions such as New Year’s Eve, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day, but it might be best to bring cash instead of relying on credit cards.

3. Find out about current customs regulations before you go to Bali with your dog or cat. If you are going from the United States you will need a health certificate from your vet that has been endorsed by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). Your pet must also have a microchip implant and rabies vaccination that was administered after July 1st, 2006. Additional information

4. Do not leave your camera or cell phone visible in public places, especially restaurants and cafes. Always put them away and keep them out of sight when not in use. Do not take pictures or videos of anyone without asking permission first. Do not take pictures or videos of anything that includes someone’s face unless you have permission from that person to do so. Do not drink tap water unless it is bottled water from a sealed bottle; it is possible to get sick from drinking tap water, especially if you are drinking it straight from the faucet (it may be filtered but still not safe). Always ask how much something costs before purchasing it.


Bali is the perfect destination for anyone who is looking for a holiday that gives you a taste of local culture, alongside all the sights, sounds, and experiences that you are used to. No matter what sort of trip you are after or where your tastes in vacations lie, Bali will cater to what you want.


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