Bamboo Pillows in the Summer: A guide to Cooling Pillows

While some people can have their heads on the pillow and sleep off in a few seconds, some other people struggle before they can fall asleep. But even for those who find it easy, one struggle that can keep them awake is the terrible temperature in their bedrooms.

If your bedroom is outside the comfortable range, which, according to studies is between 15.6 and 19.4 degrees Celsius, your sleeping habit can be negatively impacted, leaving you tired, even if you manage to sleep through the night. This goes to say that a room too cold or too hot is bad for your sleep.

So, what happens when you’re in the middle of summer and you have done everything to cool things down, but you still haven’t reached that comfortable point? That’s where cooling pillows come in.

What Are Cooling Pillows?

Cooling pillows are pillows created with the function of providing a neutral temperature and preventing heat retention while the user sleeps. Cooling pillows come in different forms, shapes, and sizes, but the most common form is that of a memory foam pillow with an added cooling gel that maintains your body temperature throughout the night.

How does that work? Well, the gel will absorb your body heat and prevent your pillow from getting overheated while you sleep. Cool, right? But how are they made? and what materials are they made of? Bamboo-derived materials are the best for cooling pillows, making bamboo pillows the focus of our conversation.

How do Bamboo Pillows Keep You Cool?

Bamboo fabrics are not only eco-friendly but are also great for air circulation. Best bamboo pillow is made with memory foam, which allows better air circulation and maintains a comfortable temperature while you sleep.

The foam also has a viscose cover extracted from bamboo that offers added cooling properties. You can be sure that bamboo fibers are naturally breathable and offer better airflow than their synthetic counterparts.

Another thing that makes bamboo pillows amazing is their heat and moisture-resistant quality. The pillow keeps moisture away from your skin and allows you to have a cool and comfortable sleep, even in the heat of summer.

What else can Bamboo Pillows do?

Beyond ensuring that you’re sleeping well throughout the summer, bamboo pillows also deliver some more benefits when you use them.

First, they help you fall asleep faster. If you are used to tossing and turning in bed throughout the night, you can expect that to become a thing of the past as you’ll fall asleep faster and rest well. You can even purchase cooling bamboo bed sheets alongside your bamboo pillow for a better experience.

When you sleep better, thanks to bamboo pillows, your skin will look healthier, brighter, and younger, which is great for you. That’s how important good sleep is to your overall appearance.

Bamboo pillows can prevent allergies because their natural fibers have antimicrobial properties that drastically reduce your chances of developing an allergic reaction.

Finally, sleeping with bamboo pillows can greatly reduce your stress levels and leave you feeling well-rested when you wake up.