Benefits of Cubby House for Your Child


If anyone is going to say they didn’t want a cubby house as a child, I’ll not believe them. After all, who doesn’t like tiny houses where they can play and have fun?

For children, the cubby house is a dream. It’s like a different world of imagination where everything is possible. Apart from their enjoyment, cubby houses are also of great help for the parents. It lends them some personal time and a few moments of rest from running after the kids all day long.

Many parents don’t consider investing in a cubby house for their child as one day, their child is going to outgrow the little cute home. But considering all the useless investments we make, investing in a cubby house is going to help you in making memories that will last for a lifetime. And surely, your child will thank you for it.

Excited about a cubby house? These benefits will further add to it!

It makes them cherish their time outdoors

Technology has not only grasped adult’s minds… it also has made a huge impact on the little ones. Wherever you go, you will see children glued to their mobile phones or TV screens.

No matter their age, they even love to operate the laptop. With such habits building up slowly and steadily, children are dreading spending time outdoors. A Cubby House proves to be of great help in such situations.

Your cubby house is obviously going to be placed in the lawn or the backyard. This will make the kid go outside and play. Being outside ensures that your child getting fresh air and playing in nature ensures their total growth.

A cubby house gives wings to their imagination

Children know no boundaries. The world is a place filled with opportunities for them and they think everything is possible. When we surprise them with a cubby house, their world of opportunities just gets bigger.

In their age, nothing encourages imagination more than a cubby house. You will be surprised to see what your child does in this little space of his/her own.

They can make it their personal hospital and act as if they are the doctors. The next day, they can make it a film studio and act as an actor. It’s their own space and a huge boost to their flight of imagination.

The child gets their own personal space with a cubby house

I’ve seen many children who can’t stand leaving the side of their parents. Either they burst into tears or begin showing tantrums. Apart from that, kids also need some alone time and healthy personal space. Spending quality and healthy time alone with oneself allows the kid to think outside the box and helps in developing physical traits.

A cubby house helps the children to have this space. Look for cubby houses online that will not only help the child to have a personal space but also gives parents much-needed time with themselves. If you have more than one kid, you can prefer special cubby houses so that all the kids can have their own personal space.

Helps to develop social skills

Some days, your kid is going to play alone in the cubby house. On the other days, their friends are going to join them. All these accounts for developing social skills for your little champion.

Let’s all agree to it, children share different opinions when they meet each other and play with each other. They have different moods and choices.

Not everyone will agree to what the other is saying but eventually, they come to the same terms. They argue, they negotiate, and finally, they start accepting each other. By doing this, they develop skills and first-hand experiences that are going to help them in school, in their work-life, and also in their personal life.

Over to you…

A child’s brain grows at a rapid speed when in the early years – about 80% when they are of the age 3 and 90% when they are at the age of 5. This study confirms that the early years of your child are most important for their brain development. A cubby house can do wonders in their brain and imagination development process.

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