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There are hundreds of different screen recording programs that you can download online, but not all of them can actually give you the best features and experience. Because not all programs are made equal, it can be difficult for many people to know which ones are the best for recording screens. You would often consult reviews or recommendations on the internet, which can be a tedious task, especially if you don’t have a lot of time for research. To make it quite easy for you to find a great screen recording program, we are going to recommend one: the IObit Screen Recorder. What makes the program stand out from the rest? You will find out as we give you a list of benefits in using the IObit Screen Recorder compared to other programs.

Can Record the Screen with Audio

Most screen recording programs today can only record your screen without any sounds, but the IObit Screen Recorder gives you the ability to also record audio that is produced by your computer. So, if you are recording videos or music while using the IObit Screen Recorder on the screen, the audio that comes out of those songs and clips will automatically be recorded by the program. If you don’t want to record audio, you can easily turn off the feature by going to the settings or options screen. Besides the audio produced by the computer, you also have the option to record whatever you are saying on the connected microphone. This function is very useful if you want to create instructional videos without the need to overdub your clips.

Record Only the Certain Areas of the Screen

The IObit Screen Recorder has a feature where you can select which areas of the screen you want to show or hide during the recording, and this is a convenient function if you want your recordings to focus on a specific area on the screen. So, if you want to hide taskbars or other programs shown on the screen, you can use the screen recorder’s flexible screen capture feature to hide them and only show the parts of the screen that you want to be recorded.

Produce Recordings in HD

One of the biggest reasons why many users are recommending the IObit Screen Recorder is that the program is able to record screens in HD, so you will get the same image quality that is shown on your computer screen. For example, if you want to show a scene in a movie that is in HD, the IObit Screen Recorder is capable of recording the clip in the same video quality. In addition, the screen recorder also doesn’t have any lag, so the videos you produce are fluid without any frame drops or screen hangs. The IObit Screen Recorder is the perfect program to use if you want to get HD recordings of your computer screen.

Produce Recordings in HD

Can Record Video Calls and Conferences

Because the IObit Screen Recorder has an anti-lag feature, it is also great for recording video calls and conferences since it can perfectly capture every bit of audio and video on the screen. What’s nice about the IObit Screen Recorder is that it only has a small UI (user interface) that only occupies a tiny portion of the screen and can be moveable, so it won’t really interfere or distract you from recording video conferences. This feature is suitable for students that want to record their online classes to be used as a study guide later for quizzes and exams, and it is also perfect for people that want to record their business meetings as a reference for important discussions that should be taken note of.

Can Record Video Calls and Conferences

Has a Built-In Video Editor

Some popular screen recording programs are simple, as they only have the screen recording feature and nothing else. On the other hand, the IObit Screen Recorder not only has a recording function, but it also has a video editor where you can automatically trim or edit your clips right after recording them. Thanks to the built-in video editor, you don’t have to download any video-editing program when you use the online screen recorder by IObit. Unfortunately, the built-in video editor doesn’t have advanced tools or options, so if you want to create sophisticated and highly-edited videos, then you may need to get a premium video editor. But, if you just want to create simple videos, you are fine with using only the IObit Screen Recorder.

Basic Video Editor

Those are the five main benefits of using the IObit Screen Recorder. By reading those advantages, you can see that the IObit Screen Recorder is superior to most screen recording programs online because of its beginner-friendly features and its built-in video editor that is convenient for people that just want to make simple videos without opening another program. We recommend that you try the IObit Screen Recorder, which is free to download on IObit’s website, and see if it is a suitable screen recorder for you.

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