Best Crypto Exchange Platforms for 2021


It cannot be denied that trading or investing in Bitcoin or other forms of digital money is quite intimidating for some reason. A lot of news that can be found on the internet reporting that people using cryptocurrencies are ending up getting scammed. This news is undeniable, considering that a lot of scams happened and are continuously happening in the crypto world. Though this is happening for real, it’s not easy to invest in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are in the industry for many years and went through a lot of innovations, which make it quite easier and safer to invest and trade-in.

The first thing that most crypto-users will ask is its security and safety. One of the most popular forms of cryptocurrency these days is Bitcoin. Whether your main intention of entering the crypto world is to purchase it, trade more frequently because of its privacy or anonymity, or just amazed with its easiness, the following crypto exchange platforms are considered to be on top. To know more about cryptocurrency you can visit

Cash App

Cash App is a crypto exchange software that is best for beginners. Just like Venmo and Bitcoin, this platform operates a peer-to-peer money transfer system. In connection to that, its users can shop online, pay for house rent, or split food using Cash App. One of the good things about this application is that it works like a bank account. Not only that, but its users are allowed to use their Cash App debit cards. If you want a convenient crypto exchange platform, look no further with Cash App.


  • It offers peer-to-peer money transactions
  • It enables users to withdraw Bitcoin tokens
  • It has a very simple user interface. That’s why we recommend it to starters.


  • It has a withdrawal limitation, which is 2,000 US Dollars of Bitcoin tokens daily.
  • You will be charged with a 3 percent fee for transactions sent via linked credit cards
  • It does not cater to other forms of crypto investments other than Bitcoin


We recommend this Binance crypto exchange platform for altcoin users. This is a software that was established back in 2017. It comes with a strong focus feature that is only intended for altcoin trading. One of the good things about this exchange is that it comes with about 600 trading pairs between various forms of cryptos. Aside from that, they also provide other crypto or fiat pairs. But this exchange is popular in the world of cryptocurrencies.


  • It offers more advanced charting
  • It caters to a wide array of trading and crypto fairs
  • It has low charge fees compared to other frequently used exchange platforms


  • This is designed for expert users
  • Binance in the United States does not offer a huge range of trading pairs compared to its international counterparts. But Binance US still offers more than 100 trading pairs
  • Binance US does not support New York and 12 more other states in the US.


Bisq is one of the top decentralized exchange platforms in the world. One of the good things about this platform is that it offers free and open access to an account. If you have an ID issued by the government, you can have free access to its banking products, which include savings or checking accounts. But if you are using Bitcoin, this is not needed anymore. Another good thing about this exchange is that anyone can access it without any identification despite your geographical location or nationality.


  • It features a mobile application that can be installed on Android and iOS mobile devices
  • It offers more than 20 payment options, such as Zelle
  • It is a non-KYC and decentralized platform


  • This platform is not useful if you are trading actively
  • It has a low trading volume
  • The payment method you are using will affect the transaction speed, and in some cases, it is quite slow.
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