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The Indian-American population in the United States has grown by more than 50% since 2010. More individuals immigration to the United States means more opportunity to share diverse cultural practises, beliefs, customs, and, of course, fashion.

Wearing Indian-inspired clothing is a terrific way to stand out among the many men’s autumn fashion trends in the United States. When you wear these ensembles, you may still pay attention to these American trends, but they’re also great for displaying your originality and passion for your culture (or the appreciation of the Indian culture being shared with you).

You might want to consider acquiring an asymmetrical Nawabi jacket since asymmetry is one of the greatest fashion trends for both men and women in 2020. These are cut substantially lower on the right leg than the left, giving you a contemporary and macho style that is guaranteed to turn heads. There’s something for everyone in these asymmetrical coats, which come in a variety of hues like black, blue, red, and gold.

Indo-Western ensembles look great with both Indian and western-style accessories. Classic Indian turbans will look wonderful with them, but you can also look excellent wearing an Englishman’s traditional top hat. If you want to go for a more casual look, you can skip the hat and instead wear jewellery from both continents. This is a fantastic way to flaunt both your Indian and western sides.

Colors that pop

Bold hues are all the trend in men’s fashion this year. This is true in both the United States and India.

There is an outfit for you whether you wish to seem warm and friendly with a deep crimson or chilly and distant with ocean-blue tones. When you get an imported JaquardNawabi, you know you’re getting the best textiles and the most vibrant, original hues.

These Nawabis are available in red and black, as well as blue and black. Other colours include green, iridescent gold, and even vivid pink. You may choose any hue that complements the rest of your clothing, and there’s no need to match with existing ensembles.

Patterns that are incredible

You’ll want to express yourself through varied clothing designs in addition to picking vibrant colours. Fortunately, Indian attire is known for its bold and elaborate designs on every piece of apparel. Even garments that are predominantly one colour have slight patterns. This is due to the designer’s concept as well as the quality of the materials used to make the clothing.

Sherwanis and Indo-Western costumes in a variety of designs are available for purchase. Dots, diamonds, coin-shaped embellishments, and even manly floral motifs are all possibilities. This is a terrific opportunity to show off your powerful and sensitive sides while also feeling secure in distinctive and stylish attire.

Styles of Sherwanis

A Sherwani is an excellent choice for an Indian-inspired costume that will make you look good on both formal and casual events. These long coats are constructed of high-end fabrics such as silk and jaquard.Brocade designs and silk accents may be seen on some of the greatest Sherwanis. You may choose a pattern that best reflects your personality and preferred look.

Sherwanis are traditionally linked with ceremonial occasions in Indian culture, although they may also be worn informally for a first date or dinner party. You may have a Sherwani with one single colour silk with embellishments around the cuffs and buttons that go up the body if you want to seem more casual. The colours are just as vibrant on these Sherwanis as they are on brocade ones.

When it comes to putting together a coherent look with your Sherwani, you might wish to get matching shoes and other accessories at the same time. If you’re a jewellery collector, a single string of pearls or a pair of silver earrings might be worn with your outfit. Don’t forget about the cufflinks!

Outfits with an Indo-Western flair

Indo-Western costumes combine the finest of Indian design with aspects of western style. Styles from the United Kingdom, continental Europe, and the United States are included.

Many of these ensembles are designed to resemble western suit jackets, but with an Indian twist: classic brocade designs. When attending an occasion that requires a suit, these outfits are a terrific way to stand out.


While there are many methods to stay on top of 2020’s greatest trends, one of the best is to dress in an Indian-inspired clothing. They’re elegant, appropriate for every event, and certain to turn heads and make people notice your individuality.

It’s time to get started with the top men’s autumn fashion trends now that you’ve learned about them. Please contact Nihal Fashions if you have have any further questions about the styles and apparel kinds that we provide. We’d love to chat with you about finding the right outfit to match your own tastes and style, so please contact us as soon as possible!

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