Best gift for 40 years old woman


Someone close to you is celebrating their 40th birthday soon, and you’re struggling with what to give? You simply have no idea what a 40th birthday present could be interesting and no time to think of what to buy? Then it will be enough for you to start by reading our great and unique ideas that you can turn into a great birthday gift. Regardless of whether it is the birthday girl, your friend, colleague, sister or brother, husband, wife, parents, godfather, neighbor, cousin… You will find an original idea and the perfect gift for everyone.

Milestone birthday

The 40th birthday is a milestone birthday and the start of the fifth decade. Choosing a unique gift for a 40 years old woman is quite difficult. It should be not only pleasant but also interesting. At the same time, do not forget about the interests and tastes of the birthday girl. Women at this age are no longer easy to please, and they require a little more attention than usual. 40th birthday gifts should be something that she will be related to because most ladies of this age already have everything they need, which makes the choice even harder.

Useful tips

Think about your choices in advance. Start thinking about possible options for a few weeks ahead. If you don’t know the birthday girl that much and you don’t know her tastes and hobbies, then you will have time to find them out and go shopping.

To make a more practical present, choose not one item, but a set. Such a gift will be more functional and meaningful than an individual gift. It can be a set of cheap but necessary things. For example, you decide to give the lady a beautiful tablecloth, with appropriate napkins and a coffee set with a set of elite types of “energizing” coffee drinks.

Don’t buy something that is already a cliche. Perfume, jewelry, and wine are too often used as a present, so the other guests or the people she is not too close to will buy something more simple like these. Sure you can buy wine or perfume, but as aside together with your main gift.

Pay special attention to the packaging, since the gift not only contains the gift with a note written but also the way it was packaged. Choose a nice paper, bag, or box.

Each person should come to the birthday party with a beautiful bouquet. It can be either with fresh flowers or a fruit arrangement. Women have always found value in flowers, but a bouquet has a special meaning as a way of communication. Each flower in the bouquet has some hidden meaning, including “love at first sight”, “beautiful eyes”, and similar.

Gift ideas for 40 years old women

The most common gifts for a 40th birthday are not too different from the usual birthday gifts. That’s why we want to give you some unique gift ideas, so if the birthday lady is your best friend, partner, or wife, will be a gift to remember!

Therefore, we have put together a list of such creative and cool birthday gifts that will surely come in handy as a guide to what you could buy.

1. Bachata Chemistry program

If the woman is your partner, you can buy a 28-day romantic bachata dance course for couples. Anyone can learn to dance regardless of age. There is nothing better than being in tune with your body while enjoying the company of your partner. But for many adults, joining a dance studio for the first time can be a scary experience. If you are nervous about trying to dance lessons for the first time, this Bachata program is designed for those who are new and have never danced before.

Why bachata? Bachata is a perfect way to connect with your partner. Dancing bachata will make you feel more sexy and confident. It is a perfect gift idea because together with the partner can create a new hobby and have time to get more related and connected to each other not only physically, but mentally as well. These bachata steps will leave you astounded and make you have so much fun.

In these 4 weeks, you and your partner will learn the basics of bachata, some progressive and sensual movements, and after the 4th week, you are ready to dance at clubs, parties, events, and more gatherings. Sounds fun, right?

Bachata Chemistry program

2. Unlock Your Sensuality

Unlock Your Sensuality is a great gift idea if the birthday lady is your couple or best friend. As a woman, she can express her sensuality, build confidence, and have more energy. This program is a great way to explore her sensuality through sensual bachata and a combination of ballroom dance. Through the lessons, she will learn how to boost her confidence, how to focus on her strengths, dance on sensual choreographies, sensual booty moves, elegant arm flows, and more sensual dance techniques. She can also be a part of a private community where she will be able to upload your videos and receive feedback from the instructor.

Dancing is a great way to explore yourself and build confidence. That’s why it can be a unique gift that will be very useful and practical. It is not a boring gym where she will lift some heavy weights. More women when they reach 40 want to do some light exercises that at the same time will not be exhausting and be beneficial for their health and mind.

At the end of this program, she will enjoy dancing anywhere and anytime, whether she is happy, sad, or excited. Life is better when we dance, right?

If you liked this program and want to discover many more, check out this guide to choose the best online dance classes for women.

Unlock Your Sensuality

3. A romantic surprise

Even at the age of 40-45, women like pleasant moments with a touch of romance. You can give your wife/friend/sister an unusual surprise that will leave warmth and joy in her heart.

  • A romantic getaway can be really something touchy and adorable. The route and duration of the vacation depend on your financial capabilities. It can be a weekend in a city she has never been to, or a short vacation in the mountains, where together you can enjoy the beauty of nature. It is ideal for people who want to escape to peace and quiet and get some rest. The main point of such a gift is the opportunity to spend time together, away from all problems.
  • Riding a horse. Let your wife/friend/cousin/friends create a true birthday story. After all, even at this age, many women still wish to believe in miracles. You’ll organize a horse ride along or rent a carriage and ride along with her within the night. But, take into consideration the time of year, taking a heat blanket, if the weather is cold.

4. Jade roller

A 40-year-old woman won’t be as young as she was in her twenties. Regardless of age, every woman will feel better if she looks better. That’s why doing things for yourself will make you happier and healthier you. While these jade rollers are currently having their 5 minutes in the spotlight, they’ve actually been a crucial moment in Chinese skincare routines since the 7th century. You can think of them as handheld mini facial massagers.

They can be made from beautiful green jade or rose quartz and are believed to have healing and protective properties for the skin, including increasing blood circulation, reducing puffiness, and allowing skin care products to penetrate deeper. Some jade rollers also have a smaller roller on the bottom of the handle, which can be great for use on smaller areas of the face.

Because wrinkles are an inevitable part of our life, most women are ashamed of them and are looking for different ways to get rid of them. With the constant use of a jade roller, she can achieve this. The best-known benefits of using a jade roller include reducing skin inflammation and puffiness, reducing the appearance of under-eye circles (especially if the roller is cold), stimulating the lymphatic system and blood circulation, brightening the complexion, tightening pores, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines, and allowing deeper absorption of skin care products.

We believe that every woman uses some kind of day or night cream, together with certain serums in the morning and before bedtime. She’ll adore it together with some facial oils. Jade roller is a nice way to relax and get into “sleep mode” after her evening skincare routine.

Jade roller

5. Personalized jewelry box

Why should every woman have a jewelry box? The most important thing to protect jewelry is storage. This special box will keep her jewelry clean and dust-free. One of the advantages of jewelry boxes is the jewelry does not get tangled, and it does not get damaged. This means that she won’t have to solve the puzzle of how to separate chains from earrings in the morning.

She’ll finally know what she has! With a jewelry box, she can sort it by color or style and save time in the morning, which is often wasted choosing the right jewelry for the daily outfit.

A jewelry box can also be a nice addition to the interior. You can custom engrave the box with her initials, or her birth date to be more unique and specialized. She’ll love it.

Personalized jewelry box

6. Photo bracelet

Is there a better time to cheer a birthday lady with a new piece of jewelry that will bring a little liveliness to every outfit? Whether it is sterling silver, gold, or braided rope, it will mean a lot to her. They can be simple in one color, or with fun colors, so they are easy to combine, and due to their special look, they are an unmistakable gift for any occasion and are guaranteed to bring a smile to every woman’s face.

A perfect combination can be placing a photo on the bracelet. This is really something special because the photo can be a marked moment, day, or adventure, that she will not forget. Wearing this photo bracelet will make a significant moment in her life, and she can wear it forever.

Photo bracelet

7. Spa day in your city

Whether you are looking for a romantic gift, or simply want to express your gratitude to your wife/sister/cousin/friend, a spa day in your city or near your area, is always a great idea that will convey your feelings in the best way. In the spa, she will enjoy massages, manicures, pedicures, sauna, hot tubs, and other services they offer.

Another reason a spa is a great gift is that sometimes a woman probably wouldn’t be able to afford a massage in the first place or go with the excuse ” I don’t have time for that” because they ignore the accumulation of stress. When talking about health, we should definitely point out the many health and therapeutic benefits of a spa (massage, sauna, hot tubs) whether it is about eliminating stress and improving concentration, healing sports injuries, preventing various diseases, or simply optimizing the work of our entire body and achieving balance.

For this aim, we have collected beautiful and romantic places to go, so you can have an amazing experience in spa hotels. Discover popular spas near your area and experience a weekend getaway. Celebrate her birthday with some relaxing massage, or hot tub.

Spa day in your city

8. Wine tours & tastings

A wine tour is a great way to get familiar with the processor making wine. On a wine tour, she’ll know the technological process of grape processing in the fermentation hall, going down to the wine basement where they store the wine under certain temperatures, and humidity, and many other interesting facts about wine.

The winery also has a section for the sale of takeaway wine, a wine shop, and a souvenir shop, where she can buy wines from the regular offer at reasonable prices, as well as wines that are only available at the winery.

Wine tours & tastings

9. Bonsai tree

A bonsai plant isn’t like many everyday and boring plants. A bonsai gift is unique and a wonderful solution if you want to make your wife/friend/cousin/sister happy. Bonsai, when literally translated, means “small plant in a container”. Growing bonsai trees requires a lot of love, knowledge, skills, and attention. Because of this, the price of bonsai can be very high. The high price is also justified by the fact that miniature trees can survive for more than a century. On the first side, bonsai care may seem too complicated and demanding, but in reality, it is not.

The most important thing is to know how to properly water it and where the bonsai tree is located. Giving a bonsai as a gift means giving a pet that, believe it or not, also requires daily attention. When you buy a bonsai as a gift, it will surely delight everyone. However, it is necessary to explain the rules of care and watering to the birthday girl or you can purchase a plant book that will guide her through the whole process.

10. Birthday party

“How many people to invite to my birthday party?”, “Is it better for the celebration to be outdoors, in a beautiful natural environment, or in a luxuriously decorated space?”, “What musical hits will be played during the party?”. All these questions and even more are constantly swirling in a woman’s head when she prepares for her milestone 40th birthday. She is panicking if everything will be alright with the food, guests, and the interior.

Therefore, it is nothing wrong to take this matter into your own hands and let the girl prepare her make-up and dress. This can be your special gift to her, as a surprise. You can organize the whole party several weeks ahead, together with the cake and the number 40 candle. You will invite her family, friends, and colleagues. Doing all this will make her more at peace and focus on her important stuff.

Birthday party

11. Massage kit

Everyone needs a massage. They are the best way to get away from all of your problems. You can discover and reserve the best massage places near your area, but also you can buy a massage kit. With a massage kit, you can get a free massage anywhere whenever you like. Not everyone has time and money to go once per week for a massage. That’s why a massage kit can be a great and unique gift idea.

Your wife/sister/mother will be especially grateful if you give her a massage set. The massage set has several different heads for different use. One of them is the massage part for her foot. This device will help her relax and gain strength after a hard day spent in the kitchen, or at work. In a similar way, a massage mat with a stone coating works for the body – a useful and modern accessory for the bathroom. As a lady who takes care of her health and beauty, she’ll love the eye and temple massager, which relieves fatigue, headaches, and bags under the eyes. Against back pain, it is recommended to buy as a gift a massager with infrared heating or a vibrating massager that relaxes the muscles.

Massage kit

12. Bathtub shelf

A bathtub shelf can be a unique idea for a gift. The shelf can be made from water-resistant bamboo. It can look beautiful and organized while she is resting in your bathtub. Also, it will match anyone’s bath design and will go perfectly with other bath accessories. It can hold a tablet, smartphone, vase with flowers, drinks, book, bath towel, and similar things.

Gifts like this one is a very practical presents. When a woman is in her bathtub, she wants to relax without distractions. Her phone can ring, or she will want to have a glass of water or her favorite drink for even more pleasure, so this shelf is an excellent choice. It’s designed so a woman can have all the essentials needed during a bathtub.

Bathtub shelf

13. Photo frames

Photo frame for memorable moments is another great and unique gift idea. All you need is to have several photos of your best time with her. Some moments are simply unforgettable. The frame is a great choice to put your favorite photos, which would represent a creative album. There are many photo frames to purchase on the market. However, for the gift to be even cuter, you can start making your own photo frames. DIY gifts mean that you care about this person and you give more special attention by doing the gift by yourself.

It is also a fun idea because it will not cost you a fortune. All you need are several things that you can buy at the nearest market. Because you put a certain time into making it, the woman will be even more related to this present. When she receives it will feel nothing but good vibes. It can fit as an additional design on her wall in her bedroom or living room.

Photo frames

Similar to the photo frames is the Ferris wheel photo frame. All your memorable photos are in one place. You can buy it or start making your own. It is an interesting gift idea because the photos rotate and can perfectly fit with your home design. For additional effect, it can contain lights and be more fun and cool wheel.

the Ferris wheel photo frame

14. 40 rocks on a thick paper

This is another DIY gift for a 40th birthday. All you need is 40 rocks, thick paper, glue, and a marker. On each rock, you can write down why you love this person, for example beautiful, careful, hardworking, strong, friendly, great mother, etc.

As a unique and extra special gift made by yourself, it shows how carefully you think about it. This fact will add value to the gift. Isn’t that the point of giving a gift – emphasizing the individuality of the recipient? And don’t you want to convey some deep emotion with your gift?

Handicrafts are good gifts because of their uniqueness, beauty, and cultural identity. With a handmade gift, be sure that you won’t make a mistake!

40 rocks on a thick paper

15. Embroidery Hoop Art

Embroidery hoop art is currently the trending art for a personalized gift made with love. It’s a beautiful selection of the very best, unique, or custom pieces. It can be with different portraits, nature, life moments, and so. These hand-stitched pieces make wonderful gifts for any occasion, especially for a 40th birthday who is celebrating her milestone age.

The main purpose for giving such a present is for home decoration. It can be made with the person’s initials, and birth date, together with some personal memory. This frame can be hanged over a wall for highlights, or on her table next to her bed and table lamp.

Embroidery Hoop Art

16. Hotel night with a jacuzzi

The only thing that is better than giving her a gift, is a gift that you can enjoy together. A hotel night with a jacuzzi in the room or a log cabin with hot tub is a great and romantic idea for your wife or partner. For more special pleasure, you can even book rooms with extras like fireplaces, walk-in showers, or double soaking tubs. Some hotels also provide irresistible offers like champagne and strawberries as extra satisfaction. Discover hotels near your area and make her birthday unforgettable.

Hotel night with a jacuzzi

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