Best Odometer Correction Tool VS Mileage Blocker

Choosing the correct mileage tool can be quite confusing. The modern market is filled with various alternatives that are in constant competition with one another. It could be hard to decide which one is better and why. Today we’ll put the best odometer correction tool versus the mileage blocker from That way, we will be able to compare their features and figure out which one is a better alternative and why. After all, it’s important to have comprehensive knowledge about these devices before making the final decision. Let’s get started!

What makes a mileage blocker a better alternative?

Before we start comparing the features of these tools, let’s define what they do. A mileage blocker from is an electronic programmer which forces the system of your car to stop recording the miles. An odometer correction tool, on the other hand, is a device that can reverse or reset the mileage. As you can see, they do different things. I’ll tell you right away that a mileage blocker offers better performance. Let’s take a look at specific features and compare them to the ones offered by the odometer changer.

What makes a mileage blocker a better alternative

A mileage stopper won’t damage your car

First and foremost, a mileage stopper from SuperKilometerFilter is completely safe for your car. It comes with a plug-and-play module. This means that it has an original plug that you can connect to your vehicle. It doesn’t require special expertise – its installation is a piece of cake. It’s worth noting that it was designed for testing the performance of your car.

An odometer programmer, on the other hand, could potentially cause damage to your car. Some of its models require you to solder the cables. This means that you might end up tempering the whole system. If you think about it, this feature makes its utilization counter-intuitive.

An odometer blocker is an ethical tool

It’s important to note that an odometer blocker is more ethical to use. As you already know, it was designed for testing purposes, turning it into a moral alternative. An odometer changer is usually used for deceitful reasons and is always associated with the fraud. Its utilization is extremely unethical and could even be illegal in certain states or countries.

A kilometer stopper is tailored to your vehicle

Finally, the mileage blocker from SuperKilometerFilter is tailored to your vehicle. If you check their website, you’ll notice that there are specific models for different makes of cars. An odometer correction tool, however, offers you a single interface regardless of the vehicle.


Even the best odometer correction tool proves to have a lot of disadvantages compared to the mileage blocker. Not only is it unethical to use, but it also has several practical drawbacks. A kilometer stopper, on the other hand, outperforms it in many different aspects. It’s meant for testing the performance of your vehicle. It’s ethical to use if you follow its intended purpose. Your choice will vary depending on your goals, however, it’s always better to prioritize ethical matters. Good luck!